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You hear a lot about a certain big G everyone knows here. But did you know there was another big G in japan that almost outdid the king? This big G is a little different from Godzilla. Never less This one is just as rememberable of a giant monster. I present to you Gamera, Friend of children, Guardian of the universe.

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The movie

The movie was shot during the time of the cold war where everyone around was waiting for two superpowers of the world to finally blow each other up and of course, during this time for us Yankees were about to get involved with Vietnam and the danger that came with it. Man, This say this was a strange time? More so as the mindset of everyone in that time was based in panic. I have no idea what is scarier. That time period or the fact not too long ago we had experienced.

Just the mentality of the people making this movie really shows in said movie. Here is japan being stuck in a tug of war with the USA and the Soviet Union for supremacy over poor japan. The sad part was during this time china was getting involved with some communism to a point that started the USA’s journey into Vietnam.

The monster

The design of this one played out very well on screen as we first see Gamera rampage throughout the city. With the bullets bouncing off said monster You feel that Gamera is really dangerous to humans. Being able to consume raw fire and use it as an energy also makes this monster even more different as we continue the movie.

The story

We start the movie out in the Antarctic where three people are setting for an Eskimo encampment for information on a legend of Atlantis and the story of a giant turtle that went by the name of Gamera. As we continue. our group sees a squad of jets cutting through the sky as they fly above their heads. Speculation goes all over with thoughts like another atomic bomb test or even another country looking for ww3.

Through all of that Gamera soon shows up. (I am going to take a moment to praise this movie for the camera shots on the monster.)(They made sure you see the detail they have put into making Gamera) Gamera ends up attacking the ship our heroes were on to get to a scene where an airforce starts looking for the said monster but turns up nothing from the scene. We soon come to a point in the story where we see our heroes talking to an American studio about that

Gamera and how he maybe could have died from the radiation. But like everyone who watches monster movies knows that the monster never dies that easily. We come across a scene were our heroes talk to an American news studio about Gamera and hoping that the monster is dead. Soon though Gamera begins appearing from all over the world and eventually drops to a steam-powered plant. Everyone is panicking and are trying to find a way to stop Gamera. one of our heroes comes up with a plan to use electricity on Gamera in hopes that enough volts from the plant could kill Gamera. I am just going to say this now. For anyone who has seen the original King Kong vs Godzilla movie.


You know that is a mistake in a half. Not only does Gamera gain strength from the electricity the military open fires at Gamera and it seems to only feed him. With that option out of the way, the heroes decide to try an experimental weapon that was made to freeze jungle environments. So with that, the heroes thought that the way they could defeat Gamera that way. The only drawback was that the bombs could only last for ten minutes before it begins to unthaw.

When they used the weapon though Gamera proves he has plenty more surprises besides consuming fire and oil. Just when they placed Gamera on his back they showed every kid’s favorite moment in the form of a flying turtle. That’s right this turtle can fly. So as that happens Japan manages to get the world powers to come to an agreement that Gamera is the bigger threat. So they decide to lure Gamera by using the oil to a trap.(Called plan Z)

As everyone who has been following me knows that I don’t like to spoil movie endings. But I still want to give you guys a thank you for following my content the way you have been. I feel as though someone should be speaking their mind about those movies people see but never mention in their times watching. So I decided to do so for myself and if people wanted to read. Hey, the more the merrier I say.

A series is born

With how amazing this move became it was only natural that Gamera would be getting sequels to the series that spans for twelve movies includeing (my personal favorite) Heisei trilogy. when it comes down to it we need more hero monsters in our universe and what would be better than a guardian of the universe. Let me just say that this series grew on me. While I was browsing through the ever expansive world of youtube I came across a dream fight that leads me to the Gamera series. (Hint to note is I will eventually do an in-depth vs on Gamera vs Godzilla and give you a winner in my book based on their past performances and what they can do as of now.)


Well, now we are at the end of our story and add something new to the website. I am going to be reviewing / including all the series has to offer. This will include the characters from these movies as well as the film crew that helped this movie series grow as big as it is. As the usual thing goes all links for any of the movies or different items will be linked down below and I will see you on the next review.

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