Gamera the brave (The last Gamera review)

Here we are. The very final Gamera review this site will see. A lot of things have been going out and about in other people’s lives so this is going to be another one of those blogs that will help take your mind off the troubles of the outside while giving you something to look forward to as a nice read/listen. Sit back, relax, and enjoy another review from that crazy writer who is manic of all things monster-like. picture of top one by Cliff

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The story

We start the story off with Gamera was making a huge sacrifice in order to defeat his nemesis Gyaos. 33 years later we see a boy and his father praying at an altar for the passing of the previous mother and wife. “As” the two go to leave the boy spots a shiny object off in a distant island. You know cause it is shiny. (I will see myself out.) But they are suffering from this being the first summer without that mother. So going about his normal day after being with his father he goes out to forget his troubles by playing with his friends on the beach when he sees the strange shining light again. Now we get the usual story where a child’s curiosity finds an egg with our beloved turtle inside the boy names Toto

The boy decides to keep the turtle hidden from his father since he doesn’t allow pets in the house. But you know how secrets are when you try to keep them in a kid’s movie. Someone always has to jump in to spoil the secret to the point they have to be let in on the action. That came in the form of the next-door neighbor girl. She tries to rationalize with the boy that the turtle might become Gamera in the future. But the boy is having none of it as he hears the stories of how the original blew up to save the world. So as it was going on Toto has grown a little fast with the boy still worrying that Toto could become Gamera because of the loss of his mom. Too big to hide very well the kids try their best to hide him inside an abandoned shack with the hope that Toto can stay safe. Only for later the boy to find Toto went missing.

Well, a monster movie isn’t a movie if there wasn’t another monster coming in to wreck the party. This is where we get to meet the dinosaur monster named Zedus that just seems to love to destroy the world with its appearance. (I don’t know if you guys can see the pattern but I have seen a lot of Gamera’s big enemies have been dinosaur-like to a certain degree. Don’t believe me ask Jiger.) On top of all that this one is also hungry for humans,( though personally I think a quick trip to Mc Donalds would have been enough for this one.)Fastfood aside with that dino having the munchies for humans Toto appears and knocks the dino out of the way as we get to see the first fight between the two, It went about as well as you would expect from our turtle buddy. But will the world be saved once again by the reincarnation of Gamera? Find out in the link below.

Gamera’s new look

I am just going to start by commenting on the appearance of the monster here as I do have a few quirks about the design. First and foremost is the way they decided to brighten up Gamera’s look. They gave him brighter colors that are more of a tarnish base vs the original dark green color we are so used to seeing in the previous movies. I feel as though that while the color change could be for the more apparent to the audience that are children it is a color that does a disservice to the fans of the original series. What I am of course referring to is the meaning is the new direction they took for the series to have its timeline in the ’70s. Do I believe this to be (Cannon) to the original timeline? No. But it is a new approach that is something worth checking out. I think it would work out well as its movie. But it is trying to be a Gamera film and that is something to think about. All in all the design is alright and the colors have a natural blend

Taking a look back

This movie does take the look back at how the original series was but incorporating some child-like music within the background as well. I think having the music is fine but it does tend to be overused and ruining perfectly good scenes. By and by, though it is a “children’s” film I do feel as though it should have some sort of guidelines. I also got to say this since it is there but man does that turtle go through so much abuse. But you do get the same hero vibes from the previous Gamera films in this one. The approach was more geared to a more kid-friendly audience as you will see later in this movie once you decide if you want to get it.

the black sheep of the Gamera series

Viewing this movie was one of those things I never really took a second glance at when watching Gamera. I think a lot of that has to do with the stock sound they used to replace the trademark Gamera roar we all were so used to at that point. We also see a bit of a more child-friendly Gamera out there with there being such an open-end after the last Gamera movie.


I would like to thank everyone once again for checking out my content. As with the usual agreement the links for the products are down below for you to check out if you are interested in this movie. Enjoy and I will see you on the next blog.


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