Gamera:Revenge of Irys

Well, we have come to the stunning conclusion of our Gamera series I got to say we came very far in this. But like everything else it all has to come to an end.with this final review before we return to the normal program, I would like to give you a thank you for following me on this journey and ask that you keep on following. I did the Gamera series because I felt the turtle needed just a little bit more attention and I thought, why not do a marathon review of the next big G? As per usual I am an amazon affiliate and the pictures were made by LA. Dawson
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Gamera’s changes

Let me first walk you through some of the changes I have noticed with this new Gamera design so you can have a better understanding as to what I see in this movie. I do like how they took the concept of Gamera and tried to make him extremely scary to the point of being a threat to children(Took away the family-friendly image) even though there isn’t anything indicating he is against children. But the untold destruction that is handed out by Gamera to the Gyaos with humans in the crossfire had the people questioning one way or another. Just the basic tweaks changed the main appeal for the said character.

The new monster named Irys

Now we get to talk about this new monster named Iris or Irys if we go off the different spellings. But with this, I want to tell you guys this monster is not (squidging around) Get it? Neither did I but hey I try. But on a more serious note. This monster does have some tentacles that can lash and slash to the heart’s content. along with that, you also get a similar sound laser that we saw out of Gyaos. But this monster is very rough and tough with the way it operates. Not only that. this monster feels like the one that could be the equivocate of the ninja turtles shredder in Kaiju form(Strange beast) This monster was very powerful in how it works out in this movie.

Why this is the best one

This part is going to be talking about why I feel this is the best movie of the franchise and why you should buy it( Insert poorly edited add here.)But in all seriousness, I do love this movie. I even decided to talk about the story in this one and instead give out some of my thoughts about why this movie is the best for me in the series. I give a lot of props of special effects with their quality during that period in time that made more focus on the important shots more memorable. Not only that, but I also see the story being built the way it was highly entertaining. Heck, you probably don’t have to watch the entire series to enjoy this movie(Though I do usually because I like my stuff being watched in order)On top of all of that, I also know that the movie had a lot of the feels that get to your mind very easily so you better break out the tissue paper.

The end of an era

As with everything in life, we are coming to a very close end of the series and I got to thinking. Why not do something special to keep a reminder for this? So in my ever so confident wisdom(Am I done selling yet?) So I am going to be using another point of my website that is going to category full of specific Gamera related items for this website. So that way if you want to look back at the previous work here for the Gamera series reviews/personal bios you can easily access all those turtle needs for the original ninja turtle. From this point onward, however, I do plan on doing the regular content involving monsters and creature features. It is one of those things that will be playing out on my website for the future. I might one day do a series of Godzilla if the demand is large enough.


I want to thank you for following my work. I enjoy making this kind of content and I plan on doing more soon. Though we have reached the end of our journey with Gamera here together. There is still going to be a lot more content coming your way. In closing, I am going to let you check out this link down below for a great movie to buy. (might end up as a prime video though.)But for sure if you guys keep sticking around I will have something special for all you Gamera needs as well. I know of a box set that could also include another Gamera movie that wasn’t related to the Heisei Gamera trilogy. For sure I will be doing a review on that movie but I can’t guarantee that I will be able to find that specific movie in a style you guys would like though. But I will make sure you guys get a good enough link to check in on. Thank you for viewing my content. My next blog will be one more vs before we go into the way I would do The Gamera Super monster movie. In that one, I will be talking about how I would with the technology that was used back in the day. I will also be using the budget for the said movie as a way I could limit myself while coming up with an entertaining movie while keeping inside the budget.

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