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Just when you thought it was all over here comes the next installment for the Gamera series with a mid-nineties installment that reintroduces us to the turtle that started this all with a new take that is arguably considered the best the monster movies of the nineties has to offer. So sit back, relax and enjoy another review from this maniac of movie watching as we go through one of my favorite takes on the Gamera movies I have ever seen. Just to add that friendly reminder I am an amazon affiliate.
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The new take

Well, let’s start out with that glaring elephant in the room. Yes, this is a remake of a series. And yes I have had more than my fair share of dislikes of said remakes in the past. Look at Godzilla 1998 as an example. I didn’t like it because it felt as though they were downplaying the original story material. But thankfully this remake was able to surpass the expectations and more. But yeah, there are a lot of positives that went into this movie I am going to showcase to all of you guys here. I have enjoyed the story and the special effects had a solid take that made the movie feel more modernized for a nineties movie. The cool part about this is they keep the original source material still within the series as it progresses.

the story

Let’s start with the opening taking place out to sea with a ship that is carrying plutonium to Japan. There is a bit of worry on the crew for it being discovered when a strange atoll banks the ship on top of the atoll. And of course, it becomes apparent that the crew thinks that there could be a leak. and here is the opening scene for the title of the movie, which is how I would love to see title sequences more often. As the story goes onward the first mate manages to get into contact with an insurance company helping to fund an expedition to seek the damages it could have made to the ocean and to find that drifting atoll. As the investigation comes along the way. there is a measurement of radiation on the said atoll after a find on the radar. When the insurance decides to check out the atoll to find strange stones all over the island.


They investigate farther to uncover a buried ritual stone under all that rock only for it to break apart when the person from the ship earlier touches it. And this is where we get our first glimpse of our Gamera which you have to see to believe.

Anyway, The movie continues with everyone panicking on the ship and notifying japan about the accident which is later transitioned to the next day where we get to meet our first main character in the form of Asiagi. Between that and meeting our scientist in the form of Mayumi Nagamine, we get to see loads of crazy in the form of missing families on the island with a team of police helping in the search. Like in all the monster movies we have seen so far out is revealed as Gaeos.


The remastered monsters

We now get to talk about the look of the star of the show. Gamera has went through some drastic changes during his films of the showa era. But it was never expected to be this drastic as far as looks go. Just for starters. The eyes are a lot more detailed with color as it also humanizes our favorite turtle. Along with that, the turtle looks fairly terrifying with the new look and upgrades he has. Just a great work of art right there.

Now we get to talk about Gaeos and what changes this monster went through to get where it is right now I felt as though the red was colored to paint the picture of this monster being scary. Not only that, but I also feel as though they made Gaeos a more prehistoric monster type compared to the bat type the original was. Still, for both monsters showing off their abilities was a treat to see. It is one of those moments that you have to see to believe.

the special effects

As special effects go, I enjoyed the fact it has a good balance of over the top action as well as good old realistic miniatures to show off the monster action. The effects with the military also come in handy with making the setting with each monster something enjoyable. But as with all things I do for reviews. I prefer to let my audience decide for themselves.


As we finish up with the Gamera series I want to take some time to thank you for viewing my content for this week. I also want to let you know about a plan I am going to have at the end of this series. What it will be is a story type of script on how I myself would make the movie and what I would do differently with the direction of the whole story as a whole. In short, I feel I can do better with my ideas for this movie. I will have links to a collection of the said movies once everything is said and done. But I will make sure I get the best for the most reasonable price for you guys to check out and enjoy.

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