Gamera:attack of legion

Well, we are back with another review for you folks down in the dumps with our turtle fighting against a completely new foe that was never seen before in theaters. So take a seat, grab some popcorn, and turn down those lights because we got another movie review incoming. Once again as a friendly reminder I am an amazon affiliate. Picture of the beetle was taken by Basile Morin

The facts

In this part of our content, we are going to be talking about some facts about the Gamera suit as a whole since we are winding down with our Gamera series. Plus I think it would be a nice little change to break up my usual routine with my content to talk about behind the scenes of the said movies. I will also go into more detail than I usually go with how the stuff is made and what type of camera angles were taken to produce the type of film we see today.

Kind of like a personal bio I will give out some facts in the content for all of you to check out and go (Ah I never would have known that)type of vibes. The Gamera suit was originally stood up at 6 ft and 6inchs tall and as soon as the stuntmen jumped into the said suit. they immediately would quit soon after.

In the original series, the Gamera suit used an actual propane tank for the fire effects which had a rumor that one tank exploded during the scene of the film. Gamera originally was going to come out with a different name called: Kamera, But that was changed due to the worry of it being judged too closely to camera. (I got to say I am going to agree with them on that one. Even doing my research you would always come across the autocorrect either from Google or even in Grammarly)


Our story

Our story starts off in the NASA com center that was tracking an asteroid that was going to collide with earth in two days. While that was going on, we see a group of students along with a teacher is looking up into the sky when one of the tour guides gets a call for the positions of the meteors that were going to crash near her location. But it was all too little too late. The kids and herself along with the guide take cover on the ground as that thing just blazes by. With that in the way, the national guard type from Japan is called in to investigate this sudden crash and help get the kids home. QUestions start to pour in as the next day rolls with a subject of the meteor including the fact that it somehow started to try and break its speed.

With that going on we get a different scene where we see a couple of guards in the nearby town watching over a brewery with a serious intent when a noise is heard. the two manage to go and investigate with the one being constantly referenced as a cop during the Gamera vs Gaeos incident(Which I might add is a good way to help tie the two movies together.) When they check the thing out we come across our first legion monster the size of a man.

In an investigation after the police too testimonies from the two guards we then see the same tour guide from earlier helping the Japanese national guard in finding out why silicone has been going missing all over where the meteor hit. As the search continues and the casualties start to pile up we get a glimpse of new problems as a flower emerges in Sapporo with an increase in oxygen that is so massive that it could destroy the entire city altogether (Which is the fifth largest city in Japan) Not only that, the flower uses these explosions to travel from anywhere it needs to go as well. (I bet you guys wish you took up gardening classes now do you?) As a helicopter tries to make its return to base outcomes Gamera looking more and more like a fighter with each movie(You will understand that later.)With this new hope that has shown up. It looks like there is a chance for the city to be saved, But now Gamera has to face the horror that is legion”For we are many.” Will Gamera be able to overcome this new nightmare, or will Japan become swarmed with these new bugs that threaten human existence.

The monsters

Monsters monsters monsters oh my, we got some monsters galore over in this review. I wonder how I should start off? Maybe we should start with our main monster you all came to see. Gamera, the guardian of the universe, the slayer of monsters, And a new design that makes this monster’s look all the more better. We also manage to see a new monster in the form of Legion for we are many. Yep, this bug is a new monster crawling into your home. The design is made very well, And the movements had a lot of thought that was put into it. It had so much work that it reminds me of a Godzilla monster that was similarly made in the form of Ghidorah.

what final thoughts I have.

I like these movies for obvious reasons and this one was no exception. the story and the characters all came together in a nice middle ground to a trilogy that was meant to be made. This is one of those movies that you want to watch again and again. It has a very enjoyable story and the special effects are on par with Toho’s in style and a clash of solid fight scenes. One final note for this week is since we are winding down with the Gamera series I am thinking about taking the personal bio I would usually do and substituting it with the idea for my ideal version of Gamera the super monster. The thing about this one though is I will be keeping the movie with the same level of tech the movies had in the 80’sThank you for stopping by and I hope to catch you on the next blog.

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