Gaira vs King Kong

This is another vs, brought to you by classic giant monsters bring in an inspired piece that afforded me this new idea for a classic giant monster showdown We have one who has been a major superstar in the giant monster sphere with kong delivering. then we have this new contender with the spawn of Frankenstein being Gaira. this is a one on one super showdown for who will reign supreme in this war.



Well, let’s go over the abilities of this other Frankenstein-like monster. Now there isn’t much going on with this monster as it has very little in abilities, but there are a couple of things about Gaira that would turn the tide in any fight.

1: Can breathe underwater

This one idea is mostly an assumption after viewing the previous movie War of the Gargantuas. In fact, that is how Gaira wasn’t noticed during the half of the movie. This could give Gaira an advantage because of how he could retreat if getting badly damaged by attacks.


then you have the regeneration factor where he can regenerate when wounded extremely fast. Whether this is due to the Frankenstein monster or a mutation from the tests, I can not say. I will say that there is a chance this regeneration could be a harsh factor in this all-out war. Push comes to shove, this could be a determining factor in this amazing war to determine who is the real king.

3:The shocking strength.

This monster is like the previous Frankenstein monster, has impressive strength that is capable to decimate anyone that dares to defy Gaira. this only shows that he isn’t one to be fighting with. being a powerhouse like Gaira only proves just how powerful this monster can be but can he withstand the mighty King Kong?

King Kong

You guys pretty much know who kong is. And you pretty much understand what his abilities were. The impressive size, the electrical strength, and the thinking ability to work their way through a situation. The ability to make weapons and even have been able to use the lightning really showing how powerful kong can be.

I think the most powerful weapon Kong has with everything is the human aspect of being able to work with humans. however, that will not help the mighty kong as humans are never involved with these vs series(Except on Twitter)So it looks like kong is going to have to step it up if he is going to survive this massive war.

The area in question

Well as in all things with this fight, we are going to be placing this Over in Japan since we see a lot more action over that with these characters than anywhere else. I am thinking more specifically, Arida. I am thinking Arida Japan pre-fixture because it would be the most likely place a fight between these two would happen. Plus I think it would be nice to have a fight that is more coastal in nature, whether it is the scenery or the fishing, it looks like something that would be an interesting place to visit.

Twitter poll


final thoughts

while the above link will show you how the fight turned out on the Twitter voting end, I will be giving you my two cents on the outcome of the fight. all in all, I think Gaira at the end of the day will have the biggest advantage that will overtake kong in every aspect. Just with the regeneration along will be too much even for kong to handle, even at the full size, kong will have a tough time defeating something like Garia that has the same intelligence as himself. Plus you are dealing with something that relies little on outside help to win battles whereas kong has had to rely on humans during massive big fights with creatures that were more powerful than the big monkey.

I decided to declare Garia as the winner of this fight, But just a reminder, Just because I called the winner doesn’t mean it is final. as with everything done here, there will be a couple of links left down below to determine who wins on this side of the web. Hope you guys had fun reading the blog.


well, we have reached another conclusion to our journey today. as we get closer and closer to our 100th post I am going to be adding a couple of things here and there. It will mostly be organizing the content here and seeing about setting up streaming for the website. I figured since this site is here, I might as well come up with some other content to add to this site. I am thinking this could be a better way for you guys to interact with me if there are any questions about the content or just want to hang out while I am feeling relaxed. It is something that would grow the content over here and you already might have heard some of my content or seen it at one point.

King Kong Escapes/King Kong vs Godzilla(DVD only)


War of the Gargantuas/Rodan(DVD only)

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