Frankinstein conquers the world

Well, this is the last holiday-themed blog before we end up back in the usual business with this one. So in the spirit of Halloween, I say we will be checking out this new movie (at least for me) from TOHO called Frankenstein conquers the world. I would just like to remind you guys that I am an amazon affiliate for this blog.

A classic story from a long time ago that I enjoyed reading. For those of you who might not know, The original creature is a horrific combination of corpses parts sewn together to be resurrected by a scientist that would later regret his decision. The main story focuses on the concept of researching the dead and the negatives from a moral standpoint.

In this movie, however, the creature comes to life after the Germans stowed the heart away in Hiroshima which would then later grow to become a full-fledged monster from the radiation. And this is part of the story that is yet to be told.

The creature designs

I am going to be talking about the amazing makeup effects on the Frankenstein creature I think I will be calling the “Dead monster” I will be doing this simply because technically the monster was never given a name in the original story and even in the movie. Just the way it all holds up with this feels as though this is an actual creature that fits in the said universe. Kind of cartoony with the caveman-like style sure, but I think that is part of the charm of the said movie as a whole. Since this is part of the series of movies called the Showa era I think it is fitting for it to be a bit goofy with this.

Then you have Baragon the dog face kaiju that sends the weird with the whole thing. I will give the monster design credit though. I do like how it was made specifically for digging underground. I also like the fact this monster is a deep color of red. signaling the blood color. I find it to be very eerie with what the monster is being portrayed with all of it. With the creature being a dinosaur, I have a feeling that he is going to be one of those creatures that never ceases to amaze me.

The story

Well within this movie. I will just be honest with you like I am with all the other ones. This movie starts during the war where the Nazis were taking “Frankensteins” heart with them to escape it from the allies’ grasps to deliver the heart to the Japanese army. The two intercepted halfway to exchange the heart. The only thing that happened later is the heart was placed in Hiroshima when the atomic bomb was dropped. We transition to 15 years later where we met a scientist examining signs of a feral boy devouring small animals like dogs and other things. With some more examination, it is soon determined to be the monster “Frankenstein”

while everything is going on, We get brief earthquakes through Japan that randomly accrue. While it is yet to be determined, In the meanwhile, the “Frankenstein” monster escapes his containment and runs rampant through his escape. The scientist tries their best to stop the police(and later the army)from destroying the creature. But things turn bad once a college managed to find the severed hand of the monster from the escape.

Knowing that the hand needs protein to survive, the team develops a liquid protein to submerge the hand inside. seeing that the protein is growing the hand. The scientists eventually come up with an idea where the “Frankenstein monster” could be based on where he lived.

In this climate of destruction, Will our scientists can save the undead giant before destruction awaits? Will the monster survive the military that draws ever closer to his location? Find out for yourselves

My thoughts

This movie has its ups and downs with how the direction was handled. But I do admire the fact it tried to give a mix of the humorous and the serious within the movie itself. There are moments within I did find to be very entertaining, I think like with a lot of other movies is how well-paced a movie is when it comes to the story flow and how it holds up even by today’s standards. The thing about this one for me is how it carries a few flaws and overall can get boring in some aspects. Not to mention the bad cuts between transitions to different scenes. All in all, I would put this movie as a type that you would watch mostly for the laughs. I wouldn’t rate it as a movie that will win any rewards in its lifetime.


As we come to the end of the blog I thank you guys for viewing this piece and hope you enjoy the links provided down below for your viewing pleasure. Since this is Halloween season going around this post I am wishing everyone to have themselves a happy Halloween and I will see you on the next blog.


Frankenstein conquers the world(DVD only)


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