Eberiah horror of the deep.

Well, I have been a stick in the mud for long enough and now I think it is time to give you a movie that took interest for me as a kid back in the day. It was an odd moment in my life when watching this movie as I barely have any memory of the situation. But I know this movie was in my timeline. To be honest here. this movie was a real in-depth type of movie for me where I was basically lost within that world. It is an amazing experience to have with these types of movies, It is an experience I hope you all will get when you watch these types of movies, SO without any further delay here is the movie


Florian Elias Rieser


The story

In this story, We follow the opening credits with a picture shot of the ocean with a dark looming form of clouds, While percussion and other instruments play in the background. I find this to be the part that leads me to believe the movie has an adventure based on the fast pace of how the music plays as you will continue to hear. We start off with a scene where an old woman makes a prediction that a family member of the household is still alive, hence the plot of the story with our first main character.

We soon discover the motivation for this character is believing that his brother is still alive after the old woman claimed she couldn’t see his “Spirit.” Eventually, we are taken to a dance-off where we get to see our main characters dancing the night away. The main objective of the said dance was to keep dancing till only one person is left standing

(Just to add a note, With this going on for three days according to the story, it is a wonder why there is not more of this out there. Weight loss would be a given if this was real.) Needless to say, our other two mains end up not making it to the final round being disgusted at the loss. That would be the time that the other main character meets them to attempt to get the boat. So the first main character decides to go and steal a boat for himself to find his brother.

That is when we are introduced to our fourth character, He is a bit of a misfit. But being the guy who stole the boat the others were boarding really shows just how things can go from 1 to 100 in just that one moment. Being a pig-headed brother, The first man makes his way to get the boat sailing while the others were sleeping making things just a little dangerous. (My comedy has been a bit stale lately.)

After a storm hits the ship at the worst moment in the film, The characters are left stranded on a dangerous island inhabited by two sides waring against each other for the future of the island. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the characters met with a strange woman who would lead them to a massive cave holding the infamous GODZILLA, Oh boy, do they have their work cut out for them.

The new attitude Godzilla has

Something I found to be very odd about this is just how drastic of a change Godzilla has for this movie. Godzilla went from being somewhat emotionless of an animal to the point of showing signs of favorable people. With the captured Native woman that he somewhat protects, It’s very clear to a lot of people that we get King Kong’s vibe off of the scene hinting even more so that this was going to be a king kong movie.


The musical score

I figured I would see about adding this to the blog post since it would feel criminal if I didn’t mention this part of the movie. The musical score was of a different concept than the usual ones as shown in the opening scene. There is a new atmosphere when you starting hearing the music, it is almost like, you are on an adventure(Hence the possibility of a Kong movie) The entire score fits with the scenes being presented before us. From the slow and gentle motion to the fast pace that takes you to the action before you on screen.

A King Kong thought

I remember hearing rumors about this movie being originally a King Kong movie that TOHO was going to make, But never did because they were not able to lease the rights from universal pictures at the time. I will say whether it is true or not, it is an interesting claim considering how the movie was made. Just with the oversized animals found and a possible moment with Mothra? That would definitely expand on the already vast universe this series holds for Godzilla. Just the idea of this being a Kong movie would change the landscape of how we see Kaiju movies today. We all know of the TV series deal with Kong and how it expanded into anime formate, But the question here I have to ask was this going to be an intro to The Kong series as a whole? We may never know the answer to that.


The monster we came to know as Eberiah. Has the most unique design of all of the show monsters we have seen thus far. Is it as complex as Ghidorah? I don’t believe so, But I think the simple design choice is what makes this stand out for me, Just the overall design being focused on what looks like an oversized lobster/shrimp really puts this on my top five of shows monsters that are my favorite within the series. I also liked the somewhat horror aspect the character carried as a force of the sea.


I want to thank you all once again for joining in on another classic giant monster review. It has been a while since I made a “Normal review, But here it is.

Godzilla vs the sea monster

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