Dinoshark another movie I disike.

Here is another bad movie that I never liked too well. But fortunately this one wasn’t as bad as Sharktopus. Even still, I have my grips with these movies here and there and I am going to give you the rundown as to why. As per usual, the links are down below with


The action

I am just going to say the action in this one worked. It could be boring at important plot lines but all in all, it is “entertainment” I use the term lightly because there are never any memorable moments in the movie that stick out. The gunplay is fairly okay though I never saw a shotgun so small in a movie that it has no kick.(You will find that out in the movie as well.) I got to say even the parts where the action should be relevant seems to fall just short of interest. But I will say there is action inside this movie is a bit dull with the slightest sense of wrongs all over it. In my opinion. It needs to be reworked out so that fans can understand the action of the movie.

The story

Are you really sure you want to hear this story? there isn’t one here I can think of. Okay, I will tell you the story but I don’t want to. It all starts in the Arctic when an iceberg breaks apart to open up the monster as it escapes out to sea. Then we get the choppy cut to three years later. Now a full-fledged adult, this beast decides to chow down on a few people out on the coast of Puerto Valletta, Mexico. Our main character we follow is named Trace McGraw who is one of those protagonists that is the fearless captain in this story. He was the one who managed to spot the signs of the creature’s destruction. The guy eventually gets a marine biologist involved in looking into the creature. It is a true race to stop the monster’s murderous rampage. But of course, then you get the tired old line of everyone doesn’t believe in our main characters to this thing.

With cut scene after cut scene of bad editing later, We find out more about the beast by a tracking beckon they use for saving people from the natural disasters like a Typhoon. There was pieces of the creature on the beckon that was swallowed in the opening of the movie. “So that” gets tested by our second main character named Carol Brubaker. (I am going to have to be honest with you guys now even though all the research into this movie, it really proves in a nutshell that there isn’t much of a story. Some people might indeed enjoy the movie for being so corny at times and bringing about nostalgia. For myself, I want a story to take me away from the world so I wouldn’t have to worry about what happens outside.)

the characters

Well, there isn’t much to say about the characters. You get the stereotypical good guy who is just there to do the right thing, The scientist lady getting a little too deep into researching this thing, and the stereotypical bad guy who gets his own when finally facing the monster the good guy is talking about, I will say as far as something to note, in the future could you make your role more “with the audience” It humanizes you in the role that you are playing within the film. Trust me, it makes the film way more enjoyable that way.

Another shark bits the dust

Well, you know how the song always goes.” Another bit the dust” (I know I am a bit cheesy today but I can’t help it with an equally cheesy movie I just watched. Seriously. This movie does need some work on what a fun movie is about. I don’t mind some minor cheese, (As shown with these monster movies I have covered) But there is such a thing as too much cheese. Anyways, like the title of this part of the blog above, another one bites the dust. I am going to be thankful once the shark week is over and done with so I wouldn’t have to see these movies myself. While they do have their charm in some way, I never cared for them as there is such a thing as too much cheese.


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