Destroy all monsters

Well, here’s another classic just waiting to be unfolded with Destroy all monsters. Somewhat of a new movie on me. This is the first time I will be taking a deep dive into a movie needless to say for better or worse, I will give out the best review ever like I usually do. Anyways, as always, let’s dive into another classic from one of the greatest movie review blogs out there with DESTROY ALL MONSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The plot

I got to say, the plot of the movie was an interesting setup for what is to come. Being this movie took place in a future 1999, the main grasps are people started to work on the moon and the monsters are kept imprisoned on an island called Monster land. The way the island is keeping the creatures Rodan, Mothra, Manda, and Godzilla. They use a specific gas that makes them react very poorly. so much so that the monsters are completely immobilized and turned back around to where they were previously.

The elephant in the room

I am just going to be short and to the point with this movie, if you have children, I wouldn’t suggest you watch this movie with them. I mainly say this because of the unexpected gore that I found in this one. with that out of the way, let’s focus our attention on some of the negatives of the movie. I am sure you all know that sometimes the dubbing from studios is not up to par, That is one of the glaring problems this movie has. between that and the development of characters feeling rushed, This movie could make you feel out of place.

Granted, there is a lot of speculation when it comes to the monsters, (Which is another thing I would like to address) It feels like there were previous monsters that were supposed to be in this movie but got replaced at the very last minute and for some reason, no one did any edits. Granted there is a concept that they didn’t have the tech to do so. But I am not sure how accurate that statement is.

And lastly, we still have problems with size scaling between vehicles, For example, the rocket seemed to change in scale a few times when flying in the air and seemingly trying to land. It felt that way when we go into a different scene going from flying in the air to each landing, I just feel as though those types of shots were off in some way.

special effects

The special effects played out in the usual format as the original people who made the first Godzilla movie together are the ones who worked on this movie. To the point, the movie really shows the quality of the special effects and the hard work put into this new movie shown on classic giant monsters. This is one of the defining moments in kaiju film with how well presented the special effects were.

Though the dubbing could use some work. and some of the monsters act a little odd when they are placed within each scene but you could chalk that up as part of the plot of the movie and it would work. As for the special effects that were put into this, Well, you will notice I highly praise the effects within the said movie.

my thoughts

it’s every fan’s dream. the concept of mixing and turning five monsters into one fantastic movie just shows how dedicated TOHO is to making long-lasting films. Not only that but to set it up in a scenario of the “Future” and have it played out in an amazing plot just adds to the already amazing company. there is no doubt that the company uses these types of movies to define what it means to be a monster movie fan.


Well, we have reached the end of another classic monster movie this go around. (And what a monster movie might I add.)Full of thrills action and excitement. This is a movie everyone should have a soft spot for even if it is just a moment. while this is a good movie of its own right, like a lot of these movies, It is best not to think too deeply into these types of movies and enjoy the movies for what they are. Classics.

I do have high hopes that we will continue to see these types of movies with innovative creators willing to grow the movie lineage as a whole. These movies just show the dedication to creating fantastical stories the world can enjoy through creative vision and solid performance of actors on the big screen. But of course, I am doing a little bit of rambling with this one, so from the bottom of my heart, thanks for checking out classic giant monsters and I will see you on the next blog.

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