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Normally we would be talking about a person in a personal Bio for this month. But this goes around I wanted to shake things up with a particular company because of the influence it had on people in our corner of the world. I am of course talking about the Gamera series you have been following for over a month now. We are now taking a look at a company that had a history that spanned into a wonderful and entertaining story right up till the bankruptcy. That eventually remade it into something entirely new to us. I am of course talking about Daiei Film. Just to make sure we have a reminder every once in a while. I am an amazon affiliate and every link I have for this will direct you to amazon. Picture of the official building by 珈琲牛乳

Our Starting Concept

Let’s start with this as a concept. I was playing around with a few ideas in my head about making the next blog and truthfully I couldn’t find any other person with enough information that I could dedicate a whole blog about so I decided to make these months personal bio more about a company that changed the Monster landscape forever. To make sure you guys still have a good working memory. Do you remember my previous personal bio? You know that one about Noriaki Yuasa where I left an interview with him for something different from the usual stuff on here. After all, we are a website that improves for a better experience for us fans of the genre.

The Golden Era

Let’s start by saying that one of the big accomplishments since Daiei started in 1942 was producing the 1950 film of Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon Which entered the Venice Film Festival to become the first Japanese film to win an international award. That is when the Japanese made the film a worldwide debut. And the groundbreaking just keeps growing with this company including their first color film to be shown abroad named Gate of Hell in 1953. As well as earning an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. And the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival awards (That to me is an amazing first start even for a company.)And the first times just keep on coming with this company. From Ugetsu to Sansho the Bailiffto even Jokyo which entered into the 10th Berlin International Film Festival in 1960. And man oh man does the success just keep on coming. With drama and horror under their belts, you could imagine how they would fare if they had Netflix. Imagine an entire streaming service dedicated to Daiei. Heck, they even had a whole cast of actors who managed to star in a number of Daiei’s most rememberable movie in japan. They even owned their own baseball team(While it is not uncommon for companies in Japan to own their own teams, I was just amazed that this company had one.) The name of the team was changed through the years From Daiei Stars to Daiei Unions. to even Chiba Lotte Marines. Being that as the last name they ever had.


The Movies They Made

Here is where I go down a list of the movies they made with affiliate links from amazon should you decide to buy off it here.

Gate of Hell


Yokai Monsters: One Hundred Monsters DVD only



Sansho the Bailiff


Bankruptcy And The Aftermath.

Like a lot of good things, it all has to come to an end. With a president spending more money than making it and an industry-wide decline in attendance Daiei tried its best to stay alive by teaming with Nikkatsu to end up folding the towel in 1971.Luckily though it seemed the president of a publishing house named Tokuma Shoten who saw an opportunity to revive the company in 1974. The company continued its role as a producer of films with some of those classics we know of today. Like the 90’s Gamera trilogy, The go, masters, Shall we dance? and cult classics like Pulse or the dead or alive films in Japan. Following the passing of the president in November of 2002, The company was sold to Kadokawa Shoten Publishing which later merged the two together ending the reign of Daiei. It was also the beginning of a new company by the name of Kadokawa- Daiei corp.


We have come to the conclusion of our story for this week so it is time I get down to business with all of you. As with Daiei, all good stories must come to an end. We are coming very end of the Gamera series in a sad moment as there are only six movies left for me to review for all of you people. But Since you have stuck around for this long I am going to tell you that for the very last blog post I will make sure you are entertained with it as well as find you a special box set with all of the Gamera movies for a nice price for your enjoyment of binge-watching if you get the chance to do so. But keep your hopes up for this is not the only post to come from this site. You might be aware that I have

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