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This is going to be something a little different since it’s been a while since I did one of these. But this is going to be coving the plans I have for this website along with a couple of concept ideas I want to save for later, this would include my youtube videos. Granted there are a few things on my youtube that strays away from the type of content we usually encounter, I will always relate it to Kaiju/giant monster movies. Who knows, Might even do a live review for you guys. You never know. Plenty of ideas to use here. So let’s get started



Spreading out the content

I have noticed I haven’t been doing enough for my website. And to be fair, it’s very criminal considering. So in my efforts, I am also adding more social media accounts to my site to help advertise my content as a whole. I will admit there are apps out there I am still not used to the different apps out there with their different styles of content. With this, different deliveries need to be made to gain more for the content.

from Twitter,(My starting point,) to the Not so well known spaces like uhive, there are plethoras of content out there just waiting to be explored and found. All it takes is someone with a good sense of community within and a mention for interactions and that makes a wonderful recipe for a new form of entertainment. I think a lot of that has to do with just spreading the word, even though the radio, I assume a lot of you guys came from hearing classic giant monsters over the radio.

just a lot of things that go through with this content. I can not wait for the day that this content grows that it would captivate future generations for amazing content for the future.

My youtube

I am sure everyone here is aware by this point, But for those of you who don’t, I have a youtube channel now. But the thing about my youtube is that it is going to be focused on gaming and maybe a few talking points here and there for content in the future. I am debating on what exactly I will do for my youtube. For now, I’ll stick with the basics of gaming, Talk about my website, and maybe a travel style vlog to deliver better content to the masses between you guys and other fans on youtube.

fulfilling content

You might have noticed that I have been slacking on the personal bio series or the vs lately, Not to worry, they will be back up and running once We get back into the swing of things with the conclusion of the current Godzilla movies. I have high hopes to bring more of that quality content back into the legendary site everyone knows and loves.

The plans are to work with youtube videos that will pitch the website and introduce some creative content not shown on the site. because (I know you guys would love to see the beauty of me.) Between that and doing a little ad revenue for the future of this website with all new ideas coming your way.

I might have different ways of producing content that everyone would love. to do. Not only am I the most handsome content creator of the monster movie community, “but I’m also a well-accomplished chief”. Anyways things will continue. to shine on as we continue on our way over to deliver some more amazing content. So let’s dive into our next content available.


Personal growth

With all our encounters in life, there have been learning experiences. We live our lives every day. Some many ups and downs place us in situations where we have to face who we are and decide how far we will go from here. There is a lot of work that is into development. Between that and the people who inspire others to make you realize just how important the world is. Some people take a step back to admire what we have shared through the years going forward. It’s a time-consuming moment where you have to find yourself where you can and hope for the best with everyone involved.

At the end of this, a lot comes into personal development that you hope one day feels as though you finally made something worthwhile that everyone around you would be remembered.


This is the part of the content that I am sure a lot of you guys recognize at this point. But just like with anything, all good things must come to an end. But we can always look back on this content provided knowing that things are helping grow a massive fandom for years to come even long after I retire my time from this kind of work. But then again that is years ahead for how long I’ll want to do this kind of content, So don’t you worry.

My Youtube

My Twitter

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