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Opening thoughts

Well, to start out, this is a movie I have seen quite a few times in the past and I am still impressed with the of what I have seen and the very way the system is placed in a more “Modern style of a movie while capturing the mystery that always surrounds the monsters when they are first discovered. This was a real nostalgic trip for me and I am glad to have been able to go back and try this movie out again for viewing.


Most generally, the characters were standing outs of their own right, But there was one that piqued my interest the most with Hud. He was one of those guys that you might meet on the street getting into his latest comic or just grabbing a coffee for the day. Not noticeable during the day. Even at the parties, He doesn’t get too wild with what he does in life and just goes with the flow. Really one personality I think a lot of people can relate to.

The story

Often times I look at different movies and wonder how people reacted to the first viewing of the said movie. This is no exception in that regard. But starting the movie, we notice about the military has recently retrieved the video from a cam order filled with some horrors hat could be very foretelling of events to come. Our main character named Rob has a trip getting ready to make his way to Japan on a business trip. (a new job)Rob is packing his things while playing around with his girlfriend. The biggest take away is he is going to be gone for a long time and he was going to be missed. The footage cuts back and forth here and there before we manage to see the footage of the farewell party before leaving. There is a bit of tension with this as Rob is going though a recent breakup with the girlfriend form the previous footage shown in the cuts. Rob’s brother, Jason tries to cheer Rob up by throwing an awesome going away party. We get the chance to meet the second character of the story named Hud. More or less, he is the guy would involuntarily take the camcorder to document all the people at the going away part to get their thoughts on Rob’s last day in New York.

Well, the usual happens as a sudden earthquake strikes leaving people shaken with confusion and fear. The news tells of an oil spill just off the coast of Liberty Island from a capsized tanker. The party comes to a quick end as the party goers try to leave. The world seems to take another turn for the worst as the severed head of the statue of liberty is flung into the street where it is followed by a collapsing building and a massive dust cloud. SO lets just say things are going from zero to a hundred in a few seconds. Hud catches glimpses of a giant creature within the destruction of the building as people are trying to find ways to escape New York. So the group tries to make their way over to the golden gate bridge to get out of New York with the group consisting of Lilly, Jason, Rob, Hud, and Marlena. But another horrific tragedy happens as more of this monster is revealed with the tail destroying the bridge after Jason gets separated from the group by a crowd of panic individuals. With Jason gone, the rest make their way towards anywhere safe as the bridge is falling in on itself with the massive intent. Rob gets a call from his ex who is trapped in her apartment with the carnage going on. So it was decided by Rob that he must go and find the ex to escape New york. The rest of the group agrees with this and end up following Rob on his journey. As they continue to make their journey, Before that is done, however, Rob spots people raiding the local tech store for tv’s. Rob uses this as a way to grab more batteries for his phone before they set off. This is the part where we get to see more footage of the creature being shown and the destructive abilities it carries. The news shows the military trying to attack the creature only to be met with the smaller creatures coming off the massive beast attacking the soldiers unrelentingly. This is prompting the group to leave the area. As they continue their way to the apartment, they run across soldiers and crossfire between them and the said monster. We see the full extent of the attack with the monster being revealed in its full glory.

After escaping the carnage, the group manages to find the subway tunnels and decide to enter the darken cavers with nothing but the cam order’s light to guide them. What sort of horror awaits these people? find out within the link down below.

Final thoughts

All in all, this is one of those movies with an acquired taste for how unique the style of the movie is in a setting not usually explored in cinema there are many ways to explore different settings for everything in life and this film only shows how you can make a “Found footage film” and still compose it with a horrific giant monster that is believable. I would highly recommend the buy anytime.

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