Shirō Sagisu The next composer.

Let me start by saying I am getting to a point where I’m very good at falling behind these few years since I have been doing this type of content. But that’s just part of what we have to go through the day today. I’ll admit there are plenty of days where it gets harder to do this kind of content with everything going on around us, But I am one of those types where I try not to make things an issue for other people and just keep pushing forward towards the future in hopes that maybe there will be some sort of relief at the end of all this. Aside from the petty problems with the world I do have to consider the people I do write about in every personal bio that’s written. I’m sure they had similar issues with their lives before my blogs. Yet look how far they came despite what they have faced. It is a very admirable trait to have. But that’s enough of that sort of ramble, let’s focus our attention on who everyone came here to see.

I present to you guys Shirō Sagisu!

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Katsumi Tezuka, Suitmation expert

Before we begin, I’d like to apologize for the wonky postings recently, things have been going topsy turvy with my life as of late. But as with all things in life, we keep trudging along in hopes to get things working out for us. We are monster fans after all. So let’s trample over the competition to this month with another personal bio of the month with a legendary assistant suit actor of the Godzilla movies with Katsumi Tezuka!

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An artist in the making

Goood morning Kaiju kings and queens of the world, We are back with another personal bio this week only this type is diving deep into the future of these movies with an up-and-coming artist of the said community at large. In due time, this is one person that could make a major impact on the industry. Who is this person you ask? well sit tight and I will tell you. I present a legend, someone who has shown dedication to their craft online constantly improving their drawings bringing them one step closer to the life they are searching for. I present to everyone the newest classic addition to the records. BEES DRAWING ART!!!!!!!!!! all links and pictures belong to their respected owners as a reminder to everyone.

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Akira Ifukube

Well, we are back to present another classic that will have you screaming for more with the personal bio for this week. This one covers a musical composer who arguably became another figurehead in those legendary studios of TOHO. I present Akira ifukube. Just to remind everyone once again, all pictures belong to their respected owners listed below the pictures and the links that will be provided are amazon links that give me a small percentage in commission.

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Elizabeth Olsen the next generation of actress

We are back with another personal bio for the week with us going into this new topic about Elizabeth Olsen

For those of you who haven’t been into the blogs up till this point, here is a recap. Typically, once a month, we talk about a specific person who made an impact on the industry. from directors to special effects designers we do them all here at classic giant monsters, The best place for your giant monster content.

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The man who brought Godzilla to life again, Gareth Edwards

Well, this is one of those personal bios that needed to be sent out for a long time. Here we talk about one man who redefined the meaning of a Godzilla movie in the USA by working out the most important aspects of such an amazing character. As are the usual rules here. All links provided are part of the program of amazon I am an affiliate to and all pictures presented below the respected owners listed.






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Kaoru Mabuchi was serious

Well here is another personal bio for the month as we close in on 100 blog posts We are going to be looking into the story of someone who people could say, wasn’t the most enthused about their position with TOHO, but they did build up how we see monster movies as a whole. Not only that but we also get a deeper dive into the story of someone who might not have been a fan of what they were doing and their thoughts going into this. SO sit back and relax as we dive Kaoru Mabuchi

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Ken Watanabe the silver screen samurai

This is the week of the samurai as we look into other persons of interest with this personal bio for the week. This time we are looking into an actor who wasn’t in very many kaiju movies, he did have a major impact on the industry. From being a samurai to being best friends to an oversize radioactive lizard. Ken has had an interesting screen life. But the question is, what is his story? find out down below as we go on this journey into the life of the silver screen samurai known as Ken Watanabe! Just a reminder, I am an amazon affiliate And pictures were taken by

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Koichi Kawakita,myth and legend

Now for this blog of a personal bio, we going into an era of Godzilla that was always my favorite as a kid. The 90’s era or Heisi as most of the community calls it. What I mean by this is, we are going to be looking at is a special effect director that has been an integral part of the 90’s era of TOHO film. so without further ado, here is the personal bio for the week. pictures were taken by

Basile Morin

Andrew Dunn,


Lorie Shaull

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The man who killed Godzilla Akihiko Hirata

In today’s content, we are going to be talking about a man who played a ritual character that set the course for why we love kaiju movies with Akihiko Hirata leading the charge as the man who created the infamous Oxegen destroyer that would haunt a lot of peoples minds when they view this awe-inspiring movie. Just a reminder for those of you who are new all links provided will be down below and I am an amazon affiliate. Pictures are provided by the following. TOHO pictures

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