Another man behind the ape



Do you remember the last post about a man behind the ape we know as King Kong? Well, we have a second director who played a big role in making the king Kong movie we all know and love. And I will have to say unlike our last personal bio this one is quite the opposite when it comes to excitement from a person’s life.

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Do you remember that video game in the late 80swell they decided to make it into am movie and like all giant monsters that have movies they will go through my site and come out either as am new classic to add to your collection or as am paperweight for all those lovely files of work you might have. A simple reminder for today is I am an Amazon affiliate.
For today’s photos are taken by Raul654 Dewet  Mas3cf and Kabir Bakie

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King of the Monsters

Hello and welcome back to my website. Today we are going to talk about a very recent movie that a lot of people are fond of. I bring to you my review of Godzilla King of the monsters.
All these past photos were made by TOHO pictures. And a friendly reminder is I am an amazon affiliate.

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Orca the killer whale


I had watched this movie and here is a review you are just going to love. And let me tell you I sure don’t.
The way I have always counted giant monsters is something that’s larger than life and leaves an impact on people either good or bad. All pictures were taken by  Christopher Michel 


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The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms VS Leatherback From Pacific Rim.

Well it’s the end of the month and that means this is the very first time this website is going to have our very own VS segment What this will be is where I compare different monsters from different movies and put them in a neutral environment to see which one will win based on the movies they are in and how effective of an impact on the viewer they have and what type of abilities they have.
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