The magic serpent

It’s been a while since I did a sitdown movie review on here and after the longest time, I say we deserve to add more classics to the vault. Been a very long while since we had a decent movie review on here, so why not return to what made us. So sit back and relax as we dive into a movie classic.


While a lot of people do keep saying there is no plot to this story, they definitely couldn’t be more wrong. Though to be fair, it is the weirdest story I’ve ever come across. It carried a mixture of A drama of betrayal of a slain family to a story of a boy who becomes a man in the harsh reality of the world we know today. I will not go into too many details as to the plot itself but what you see above is a summary of what I am talking about. For whatever reason, the movie decided to use properties from some of TOHO”S works. (could be the reason why the movie is so obscure)

But after the master was tricked and slain, Our main characters begin their journey to find and eventually destroy the same magic serpent that slew his father and master.

Suzuki Shin’ichi

the samurai film

when you take a deep dive into the build of this type of film you get the sense of understanding that this is a film based around the popular samurai era of japans film industry. Except this one was filled to the brim with magical special effects that make this movie one incredibly awkward film to watch with strangers. However, by itself its better than most people would give credit to.

There is not much to tell as far as these films are. I was never into the samurai film like a few other people out there. I mostly stuck with western media for some of my consumption and the usual monster movies out there.

I don’t have much to say as far as watching these types of movies. But I imagine japan viewed it similar to how we viewed the westerns of that era. an action-adventure where a lone hero was put through a problem that was too big to be solved by normal means. Let’s just face it, everyone likes those superhero movies, they are just a major part of the culture as a whole. These are just the pretense to the superhero movies if you think about it.

A weird world

This part of the blog is going to cover the special effects of the film and how it is a reminder of all the things a person could do wrong with a movie. You know the old expression “The movie can be so bad its good?” That is what one could describe as the special effects of this movie. Mostly feels like the regular 60’s special effects as one could get within the film. though in all honesty, if it was shot in black and white, the movie might have gotten a better reception

Final thoughts

weird and wonderful. two words I didn’t think I would use in the same sentence for a long time. yet here we are. This movie carries a lot of that. The gore effects and the sheer weirdness within just go to show that studios can have fun with their product when the time comes. And man did they ever have fun with this.


Well, we have concluded another classic giant monster movie moment with this feature. I’m glad everything is going well for some of you here. I’m much too young to be this dang old is the main consensus where we are. Anyways glad everything works out over here. Been a long time since I last posted a blog post about a movie. And luckily we have a decent movie to play with today. I get that it is a goofy experience when it comes to this kind of movie, But I will say there are moments where if a person was wanting to grasp at straws, they could argue it as the equivalent to star wars.

This is going to be drawn out because I haven’t given my raw takes on a product in a long time. There isn’t much to say as far as content goes. I mean, I can’t see myself having to do a deep dive of thousands of hours of random behind-the-scenes features that are meaningless to what’s being presented. But in conclusion, It’s one of those movies that is so bad it’s good. Similar to the 80s classic “Killer clowns from outer space” It’s a product of its time that went over the top and exceeded what one could expect. love this type of content every once in a while.

Anyways, I suggest you guys check it out and I will see you guys in the next blog post.

Them movie review

I am sure everyone is well aware that last week’s content from blogging has gone missing, Well that’s mainly because I have come up with a new strategy that could propel my content while advertising my youtube channel at the same time. I’ll still blog content, just not as frequently as people are used to, It will only last a month depending on how the content plays out with this strategy. But this will play out as a review followed by a personal bio for the end of this month’s content and returning slowly back to the regular program we have all been trying to create. For now, the time for bugging out is over. Bring out your can of raid, bring in the eyeglass to set these critters to oblivion We are going for another ride as we fight against, THEM!

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Tarantula a new giant spider flick

Now, we are finally back into business with content as I present another movie review for everyone to enjoy today. Been sort of slacking off with content as a whole. But here we are, Delivering another massive review to your doorstep. So let’s get started with these creepy crawlies in Tarantula

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Gamera vs Yimir

Two vs in a row? Who would have thought? Well, it’s true, the best works do come in pairs after all. So here we are, delivering another v series for everyone to jump on and enjoy. Bringing back some classic monster brawls for you, we come in with two classic titans of monster mash as we see, Gamera take on his challenger, This one happens to be an unusual one from a classic movie that will be reviewed one day on here. I introduce to you, Ymir, the space titan.

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King Kong vs a Beast

It’s been a long time since I did one of these on here, Once again, that is very criminal. Luckily things are getting back to 100% It’s been a long road filled with massive drama all over the place, I am very confident ha things will get back to normal when We work our hardest to make things work. There is a saying that I feel I have been neglecting a lot in recent events that I lost sight of why I made this site. I made this site to showcase the fandom and my opinions on where we are and deliver incredible reviews that dominate the world of Giant monster films. So let’s “rock and roll heffe. “Quoting a series that redeemed the 1998 remake of Godzilla Sit back and relax as King Kong fights the beast from 20,000 fathoms.

King Kong King of skull island

I could make a few comments on the old tv series with King Kong, I do feel sometimes that theme is overly used in everything related to Kong. So let’s briefly go over Why Kong is King, The biggest piece you will notice about Kong is the era it came from, I’m looking towards the thirties here, A era filled with adventure flix about exploration and finding things in the world that is larger than one’s self in this incredible world we live in.

All the action and thrill delivered an era of film that would eventually explode into popularity for almost ten years. It delivers with What defines a monster film and how they interact with the environment that’s around them. That’s what defines King Kong as an established monster, Though we often interpret monsters in a negative light, I am sure We all can agree, that monster in this context defines what it means for this content.

Still carrying the amazing size and strength that defines the character, Kong loves to perform as that larger-than-life performance that shaped the future of the movies. Adding bonuses from japan with the electricity, Kong is a massive force to be reckoned with delivering the most overpowering blows with the enemies that ensued devastation, from giant snakes to massive dinosaurs, Kong proves to everyone why he is the King of his island.

Now on to the weaknesses that Kong carries. While Kong is known as an oversize gorilla, He doesn’t carry the demeanor for being this size. I would argue that the size is the cause for the boldness of the creature that would eventually falter to man’s inventions off the empire state building. This would lead to the climax we are all too familiar with. The poor ape ends up falling to the machines of man in an attempt to escape the massive horror that is the man. In some ways, it’s poetic at the commentary of man’s struggle with nature and the eventual outcome that happens almost every time.

The beast from 20,000 fathoms

For those of you who might not know this creature, Let me explain a little about what this creature is.

The beast is a creature that was from the prehistoric age reawakened by the nuclear testing that resulted in a monster that would later devastate new york city. The monster’s size plays a major factor as with any other creature. However, the size isn’t the most threatening thought has to be the strange sickness where it devastates humans to death.

It is interesting to consider when looking into the creature’s past, there is a certain thing that draws us to this creature. The thing about this creature is it was a blueprint to the creature that we would later discover as Godzilla. There are a few weaknesses, But the biggest one that would affect the outcome of this fight has to do with something the monster can’t help. It acts like an animal.

It acts like an animal showing no real form of intelligence that would eventually be led into a trap. Humans are known for doing this and I could imagine Kong would have little trouble in coming up with a plan to trap the monster.

Where it takes place

I’m just going, to be honest here, This was a very easy decision to make, It may be the easier ever on classic giant monsters. Why do you ask? Well, a lot of it has to do with the setting where both films have taken place. It’s kind of a natural pick considering everyone loves New york city. Both movies had their stories told in the same place. Let’s just face it, there are many reasons why things are what they are. I love the entire concept of these movies taking place in one of the most populated areas in the united states aside from Las Vegas.

ultimate winner.

After looking through all the facts about these monsters, I concluded that Kong would be the eventual winner of this fight. For those of you who wouldn’t know much about Kong, let me sum this up, Kong is a strong ape, But he is also a very smart ape. Being able to craft tools give Kong an amazing edge over his enemies as Kong can use anything he can hold of as weapons.


Well, life goes on as we move on to another Era of monster films. Thank you all for this experience as we once again dive into many more classics deserving of the name on here. It’s been a long road to get this far. But we made it to another vs on this site. Thank you all once again for the support and I’ll see you in the next blog.

Content growth for classic giant monsters

This is going to be something a little different since it’s been a while since I did one of these. But this is going to be coving the plans I have for this website along with a couple of concept ideas I want to save for later, this would include my youtube videos. Granted there are a few things on my youtube that strays away from the type of content we usually encounter, I will always relate it to Kaiju/giant monster movies. Who knows, Might even do a live review for you guys. You never know. Plenty of ideas to use here. So let’s get started

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Hedorah vs Megalon

Another vs? Unheard of. Well, believe what your own eyes see as we venture back into the unknown with this vs for this week. This vs is a bit of an oddball idea I came up with a while back I never before tested till this very moment. Now we get to see what’s going to happen before our eyes. just to make sure everyone understands, I am sort of foregoing the likes for the vs blogs until something different happens. This is mostly so I stay on amazons good graces and to make everyone happy. But it is what it is. So let’s go ahead and explore another vs scenario from the one, the only, classic giant monsters!!!!!!!

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King Ghidorah vs King Ceaser

Gooooood afternoon kaiju maniacs, Here we are, presenting another super classic for the ages. This time we are going full bore into legendary movie status with an epic vs for the ages. Two kings of terror are just waiting to tear each other apart in this super showdown for the ages. so sit back and relax as we take another dive into another classic giant monsters movie vs. As per usual, the pictures’ owners will have their names listed down below.

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Rodan vs King Kong

Hello again, and welcome back to another vs series in the classic giant monsters. Bring you the content the blog can deliver with iconic matches that bring anyone to their knees with legendary opponents battling one on one in these iconic fight to the death events. I am sure everyone is going to be excited about this new installment. This time we have two overgrown giants duking out over who is the better monster with the oversized monkey battling a prehistoric chicken that loves to mess with people. I present to you King Kong vs Rodan.

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Megalon vs Baragon

Good morning or afternoon or night depending on where you live in the world. This is another vs battle for the ages. For those of you who might be new at this, let me explain. every last Monday of the month, I publish a vs blog that studies two opposing monsters with similar abilities and strengths to see which one is the most likely to come out on top with each battle scenario. typically, the battlefield is evened out so as it wouldn’t affect how both monsters would preform. The key element in every battle is for the monster left standing to be a victor. Everything is analyzed based solely on the monsters themselves regardless of the environment the monsters are placed in.

I started this out because I saw a lot of different people online doing somewhat similar things with superhero movies and thought why not do something with monsters? So this came to be what it is today with a little in-depth research. So with that out of the way, let’s get into why everyone is really here. Let’s see if an oversized drill bit beetle or a dog dinosaur wins.

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