Barugon VS Jiger

Two titans of the Gamera universe clash with vicious intent as the returning champion Barugon takes on a new titan in the form of Jiger. “Who” will survive this war? Find out below. Just to add the usual friendly reminder I am an amazon affiliate
and the picture of the chameleon belongs to Charles Sharp, and the triceratops model is Zachi Evenor


This lizard is one you have known for the freezing effect has claimed many victims including our favorite giant turtle that became a popsicle. Not only that, but he is also pretty smart and can learn from his mistakes. You also get a taste of the rainbow with this one because man oh man does it burn you. And Let’s not forget the jumping ability of this thing can put kangaroos to shame with the bounds so great it can almost catch a flying Gamera off guard.

The biggest drawback with our lizard is the water factor that can kill our poor lizard with aggressive intent. Not to mention, the direct combat closes up is a weak point for him as shown with Gamera easily punching him and causing a bleeding lizard pain.

The threat named Jiger

The Dino with the needles of unrelenting force. Jiger is one world-class mama you don’t want to meet in real life. The needles constantly pierce through anything on top of that, This monster also has the ability to temporarily fly in the air and launch itself at incredible speeds in the water through rocket-like sides on the face making for some deadly impacts on opposites.

Just when you think you’re safe from this queen of mean outcomes a needle that will just give anyone a bad day. Yep, you know the one at the end of the tail that sticks in like the usual shots everyone gets. Let’s not forget her ultimate range weapon in the form of an orange light that destroys everything caught in its shine.

With all these strengths you would think this monster would be impossible to defeat. But you would be wrong in that regard. Most of you already know the weakness so I am going to skip it and just say this. Get out you bells and whistles folks. This is going to be an interesting fight.

The Battlegrounds

I am going to establish this fight on Hokkaido mainly due to it being an island as well as being a capital that is the fifth largest capital from Japan named Sapporo. (Which will then become a later staple with the Gamera series.) I also think this is a good place for how rich the place is with history with all sorts of different cultures being very interesting and rich.

Also, the fact that its an island shouldn’t take away from the fight at hand. Even if Barugon was to fight near water, The monster could always just actively avoid water as it has the ability to learn as shown in the Gamera movies. (fun facts) Hokkaido is almost always cold as it sits with the same latitude as New York and Toronto. It even gets no hotter than 22 degrees. So better pack yourself a heavy coat. Cause you’re going to need it.

In fact, it is part of the tourist attraction of japan that is so recognized for the snow and the skiing resorts. With the snow being powdery, The Japanese nickname for the snow is called “japow” And Let’s just say there are small cities in Hokkaido that have benefited from the cold weather. (Like Niseko for example.) Even with the cold weather, Then the city has been given a really interesting nickname with it being “Aspen of Asia” The skiing resort is a massive tourist destination with the snow being so powdering It attracts the best of the best skiers ever.




Who will survive

things like these are very hard to determine what the winner is out there. It really is. Sometimes you have to re playback a moment in your head over and over again just to figure out which big beast will survive. The two are very powerful and Gamera lost the first fight to both of them. But all in all, I came to the conclusion where I feel Jiger will win this fight. The biggest reason why I came to this conclusion is just how aggressive Jiger is.

On top of that, she just has more weapons that could harm Barugon more than what Barugon could do to Jiger. I will admit I am kind of bias with this conclusion because I am a big dinosaur fan and when you get a dinosaur-like monster that can shoot spikes and lasers at enemies. You bet I am going to be fanboying all over that cause it is just so awesome. Just imagine if someone was digging up dinosaurs and all of a sudden they find a dinosaur that has the ability to shoot its spines to catch its prey. But yeah this is the dinosaur that is going to win this fight.


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Gamera vs Jiger and Barugon(Barugon)

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