Barugon vs Gaeos

Lizards and bats. Two creatures with very different chemistry and different thoughts of nature as to their approach in the wonderful game called life.we have two vicious monsters both of which fought Gamera and both had a similar result. Let’s dive into a fight like many of the other vs you have seen on this website will have a clear winner. A Chameleon pic is made by Sharp Photography,
and the groups of bats were taken by Sardaka

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Barugon The beast



this is the first monster that ever fought Gamera. So it stands to reason that being the first one to talk about in the vs series.

“While” the extended tongue is dangerous with its ramming speed that easily knocks enemies down with the force of a ramming truck to a wall.

On top of that. this monster can use this other ability from the tip of its tongue that shoots a mist that ices over anything as it also takes it eight hours for the ice to thaw out.

Let us not forget the most powerful weapon with the most range Barugon has with the so appropriately named Rainbow death ray. Something that is so powerful it can burn through many enemies missals, and buildings.

Now we come to the scariest part about Barugon that some people tend to not notice in the subject. But just how smart is this Barugon? Well, its smart enough to learn from its mistakes and is able to figure out when it is ‘needing’ to be cautious.

Here’s the weakness from this beast you all should know about him. Its been that water. It affects him so badly that……well I think you might already know this answer.

Gaeos the winged demon

A laser sound wave mouth coupled with a spray that puts out fires faster than fire extinguishers on grease fires. With an ability to fly and a sense of aggression from a hungry animal Gaeos get the amply name winged demon because of the very evil demeanor of the said creature,

with the ability to fly you know just how aggressive the monster is. But with the said aggression comes with the blanket of stupidity that is only matched by politics. (Yep I did a funny again.)But to put it shorts and sweet he is not the brightest bulb in the shed of your grandmas in the backyard next to that swing you kids never used.

As far as the weakness goes for this vampire bat of gigantic size the sunlight and the blood-feeding is a true weakness to defeat the massive vampire with a poor sense of fashion. Not even a quick tux to show off that vampire love man.

the setting

I made the decision to have the two battle it out at Kikaijima because it is a terrain that is fairly flat and jungly for our two monster sense they both had some sort of jungle aspect to them as a whole. Plus you would be surprised at how beautiful the whole landscape is when you see it on Google maps.

Not to mention the envoirment also holds some amazing historical sights that if you ever get the chance to visit Japan you should check out Kikaijima on the way. I know for sure I will once I make enough money here and can put some of it into my work as well.

The horrific war.

We are talking about a war that leads to something so bloody that it could even rival the one blog post about Gamera fighting against King Kong as far as the intensity is concerned.based on the previous entries into the Gamera movies you can bet that this is going to be something that would lead to a definite winner of this fight because that’s how we do things here at Not only that. We make a statement that is defined and clear as to why the winner is what it is. We now come to the conclusion you all have been waiting for. The special something that would determine the winner of this all-out war.


Well, we are now at the conclusion to who wins this fight and I believe the winner is………………………………………….BARUGON!

Now the reason why is kind of what you would come to expect from me. Barugon is smart, Can attack more at a distance than Gaeos, Not to mention the fact that Barugon fought harder against Gamera and the military in the movie. Not to mention just the intelligent with this one. You also have to factor in how accurate this thing is with the rainbow death ray attack that takes out a whole bunch of nuclear missals in Gamera vs Barugon.


I swear the distance from those things was insane. Plus not to mention the constant ray this thing puts out can just be so devastating. With all of that these are the reasons why I came to the conclusion that Barugon would come out as the ultimate winner of this war. But as you all know I prefer to let the audience decide who is a winner. So go ahead and check out the links below and on the next post find out who is the winner of this War Of The Monsters.

Gamera Vs Barugon Prime only

Gamera Vs Gaeos Prime only


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