Daiei, A company of a giant turtle

Normally we would be talking about a person in a personal Bio for this month. But this goes around I wanted to shake things up with a particular company because of the influence it had on people in our corner of the world. I am of course talking about the Gamera series you have been following for over a month now. We are now taking a look at a company that had a history that spanned into a wonderful and entertaining story right up till the bankruptcy. That eventually remade it into something entirely new to us. I am of course talking about Daiei Film. Just to make sure we have a reminder every once in a while. I am an amazon affiliate and every link I have for this will direct you to amazon. Picture of the official building by 珈琲牛乳
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Barugon vs Gaeos

Lizards and bats. Two creatures with very different chemistry and different thoughts of nature as to their approach in the wonderful game called life.we have two vicious monsters both of which fought Gamera and both had a similar result. Let’s dive into a fight like many of the other vs you have seen on this website will have a clear winner. A Chameleon pic is made by Sharp Photography, sharpphotography.co.uk
and the groups of bats were taken by Sardaka

To drop in a reminder, I am an amazon affiliate.

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Gamera vs Gurion

Knives, new planets, Alien chicks, missing kids, oh my! fill up those brain jars, man the ray guns and set your sights on this new review of Gamera. So jump on the enterprise, set your phasers to stun, Grab your crunchy popcorn and set off on an adventure that will take you to a super new planet filled with a couple of monsters and of course our favorite monster we have been following so far Gamera. A reminder for this is I am an amazon affiliate.
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Gamera vs Viras

We have seen the mighty turtle fight a variety of characters with devastating abilities that lead to some rememberable moments in the series so far and it is just going to keep on rolling. With the newer and stranger additions to the series who knows what will come next. A friendly reminder here as I am an amazon affiliate Images of the alligator snapping turtle was taken by James St. John

and the squids were taken by Hans Hillewaert  and


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Gamera vs Gaos

Another vs for all you Gamera maniacs all over the place here. This one is special as it shows a recurring character that you are going to see a lot in the movies from here on out. So sit back, Pull up the popcorn, grab your favorite drink and enjoy another blog post from the fellow maniac.

Let’s start by saying that this is one of the better movies from the Gamera series as it will be explained when we dive into this review Pictures of bats were taken by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


and AntanO



And the snapping turtle picture is taken by

LA Dawson

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The man behind the Turtle

We have had many people on this side of the blog that has come to create many wonderful memories within the community of the Giant Monsters. This time we take a look at a director who came up with a rival to Godzilla that is still to this day so revered as one that the whole community wants to see for a fight. I give you Noraki Yuasa. The man behind the Turtle we know as Gamera. camera pictures were taken by Hidalgo944 and

Joe Haupt

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King Kong VS Gamera

This is the hotshot you all wanted for some time. This is one of the legendary proportions that shake the world to its core. Like King Kong vs Godzilla, another Big G is wanting to dive in on this action. So let me present to you Gamera vs King Kong.   Pictures were taken by Soham Banerjee and BrokenSphere

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Gamera vs Barugon

Just when you thought it was over. Just when you thought the Next Big G was gone forever outcomes Gamera. Back with a vengeance and ready for war. Let me tell you. Gamera is not happy. Gamera is one who doesn’t like to be played with too much. Images of the Chameleon by

Brocken Inaglory

And our opened jawed turtle by the brave guy And something to remember is I am an amazon affiliate

LA Dawson

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Gamera the Invincible!


You hear a lot about a certain big G everyone knows here. But did you know there was another big G in japan that almost outdid the king? This big G is a little different from Godzilla. Never less This one is just as rememberable of a giant monster. I present to you Gamera, Friend of children, Guardian of the universe.

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A new take on Godzilla 2014

Hello and welcome back to my website. Today we are going to be talking about an interesting fellow that helped restore my faith in an American Godzilla movie not being a terrible movie franchise for any audience. Who am I talking about you ask? Well, prepare yourself s for the one the only MICHAEL DOUGHERTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Movie camera was taken by


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