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Goood morning Kaiju kings and queens of the world, We are back with another personal bio this week only this type is diving deep into the future of these movies with an up-and-coming artist of the said community at large. In due time, this is one person that could make a major impact on the industry. Who is this person you ask? well sit tight and I will tell you. I present a legend, someone who has shown dedication to their craft online constantly improving their drawings bringing them one step closer to the life they are searching for. I present to everyone the newest classic addition to the records. BEES DRAWING ART!!!!!!!!!! all links and pictures belong to their respected owners as a reminder to everyone.

Bee’s drawing art

Question one

Before we begin, I would like to give out some background into this person as they will be a guest in case they ever want to do another interview like this in the future. Bees are best known for their works in being the creator of Khanlong. The newest kaiju monster that we could also see more of shortly permitted. Now on to the questions:

What got you into these types of movies when you first watched them?


Back then I watched dinosaur movies as a kid, first being a Jurassic park, Overtime I watched Godzilla 1998, and then final wars.



Quite an interesting selection to say the least. Alike and dislike bunch rolled into one happy package. Wow. Thanks for sharing.

Quite an interesting selection to say the least. Alike and dislike bunch rolled into one happy package. Wow. Thanks for sharing.

Note: I was very thankful to manage an interview with this person. I wanted to highlight more and more people who are socially active in their community with this type of content. Not only active, but they are also a creator of the Khanlong series of stories I recommend people give a view, link to the stories down below.

question 2

Next question. What is your opinion on the current direction these movies are going?

Bees: It depends on who made what, The monster verse seems to go in the right direction bringing in classic monster fights
Toho just does whatever.

Vic: Oh for sure. Toho has been lagging behind recently. Though the anime seemed successful. That went through plenty of trial and error as shown in Godzilla earth from what I noticed.


Question 3

Where do you see yourself with these movies in the future?

Bees: Well I could see myself watching the monster verse if it will ever continue, The Japanese Godzilla movies are basically really hard to come by unless you’re on an airplane. That’s how I watched shin Godzilla


question 4

What’s the one thing you would love to see come from any studio in these types of movies?

Bees: I would like that cut for GvK


Looks like the cut that was released seem rushed, of course from Toho just Bagan



I hear you there. Studios are in the know-how for every cut. They might as well reveal everything about what they produce

final thoughts

I often try to look at things from all points of view. whether it has to do with these types of movies or basic life. There are many stories out there people have yet to enjoy hearing. There are times I feel some people who make these types of content should be recognized by people often. A lot of potential out there feels unrecognized nowadays and makes e wonder if I could help in some way, hence why classic giant monsters were born.


I want to thank you all once again for viewing this amazing content out there. I am a humble person when it comes to content like this. Bees is an upcoming I respect for their amazing persistence and ability to create works I am sure a lot of people will come to enjoy shortly. it’s always amazing to get the chance to interview people like Bees, They always carry so much potential for their work on something that is a very niche form of content.



In the future, I would be honored to continue to work with these types of interviews, they always bring a plethora of content to classic giant monsters and gives us a chance to see the people behind the creations of some of these monsters in hopes that it will continue for decades to come.

Updates: I am still in the process of creating video content to preview more from classic giant monsters. the link for that website will be shown in red down below this content as per usual. Maybe in the future, you guys will start seeing video content soon. There are plans in the works it will also include expanding the revenues of these movies into more content, collectibles, gaming, and general talk about the future of the movies and website.

As usual, all links will be provided down below the content to their respected owners of the said content as well as the pictures that will be provided by Wikimedia and/or the artist being interviewed for this personal bio of the week. And I hope to see you guys in the next blog.


The story of Khanrong

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