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We are now going for a movie that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention and I feel it should. I am going to present to you with the idea of a movie that is what one would love to see from a fantasy movie. But why is it counted as a classic giant monster movie? Well, the narrative within the said movie fits a certain story that seems to be retold over and over again. I ‘believe’ you guys will see it inside this blog post for this week.
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The story

We start the story with a bit of narration from our very own Ishmael. Though he isn’t seen yet the story is pointed at a man and a woman walking in the woods gathering food for their home. It can be speculated that they are family due to how well they stay together but keep a certain distance from each other like family usually does with siblings. But like many starting up sequences in these movies, eventually, there will be a death scene that leads us on the journey we see before us. The sister is killed by the white dragon and the story begins.

We get a shot inside the local tavern where the usual activity with the bar maidens and a few guys with more guts than brains throwing fists around once in a while. We are taken to the shot where we are first introduced to Ishmael and his companion Queequeg along with a side character who speaks with them about joining Ahab s crew. A few moments in it is settled on them join the crew with the adopted daughter entering the bar to let the two join in with the crew. She showed her skills of being part of the crew. After they leave the tavern and get jumped by two rejects trying to get the character’s beat up.

In the later parts of the movie, we discover the living life of dragon hunters as they journey to hunt dragons for the oil used to light cities for long lighting. So a lot is riding on this crew. But with Ahab s ambitions passing up some regular dragons back and forth. It beings to be a problem for the crew as they are in it for the money.


As tension rises in this struggle for survival, We ask ourselves if the crew will survive Ahab and his ambition to slay the white dragon that took his sister and burned his face. Find out more in the links down below.

Special effects

I thought the special effects were very solid for an independent film. Especially those environment shots when they transition from scene to scene. Very beautiful shots you would watch for days at a time if you are looking for something interesting to see. The creature effects were also very good with the designs reminding me of a prehistoric variety. Just the design of the dragons seems like it came from a place that was scientific to the point where the realism is there. I am going to throw an opinion out there. But I got to say, I loved how this movie used its special effects to play a role inside the story. There is a nice flow with the animations and they feel so real. I got to say I give the special effects a ten out of ten for how well the work was put into the animations. Very well done in my opinion.

The actors

The acting felt so well contrive with the story to the point where we see a nice blend where the characters are brought to life. I especially loved how well Danny Glover played captain Ahab in the movie being full of hate and virtual. He wears the burn scars with so much charisma that I swear this was a part of him instead of being makeup special effects.

You also have Sofia Pernas who plays Ahab s adoptive daughter Rachael who is searching for revenge for her biological father’s death by the white dragon. She does have a fire in her that reminds you of a strong female character that can kick butt and take names as you will see in the movie. She also carried her role with a performance grace that few ever achieve even on the Big screen. She is one that I would want to have a star in one of my movies if I was directing another Kaiju movie.

Corey Sevier is the newest harpooner Ishmael who recently joined in on Arab’s crew on his land ship the Pequod. He is proven skillful as he manages to prove himself within the bar by a simple test to prove his skill in harpooning. Like the previous Ismael from the book, we see he is a poet who is looking for adventure. It is just too bad he came across a nightmare that is fitted into this story.

Kepa Kruse or Queequeg is the sidekick of Ishmael who is constantly berated for his ethnic origin. But make no mistake about this cat. He is a fighter. Being the mute of the group, not much is spoken by the said character, But his actions do speak volumes of what he capable of in his journey with Ismael. He is shown as a very skilled fighter with how he manages to protect Ishmael from a couple of thugs a time or two.

What works for this movie.

This movie is something that has full grace on how well done it has done with character development and effects. Though there are a few things I would change if I was in the director’s seat.for starters. I would add a small bit more on the secondary characters so the audience could have a deeper connection to the characters before they are taken away from peoples eyes. You got to make that connection if you are going to make the death meaningful. All in all the movie was solid for what it did but could always use the improvements.


Well, another review is done, and thank you for viewing. “As” you would remember my links are still going to be below this content. I will be keeping an eye out for anything new to introduce you guys to in the future. For now, I wish you all a good day and to enjoy these movies. Cya on the next blog.

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