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Hello and welcome back to my website. Today we are going to be talking about an interesting fellow that helped restore my faith in an American Godzilla movie not being a terrible movie franchise for any audience. Who am I talking about you ask? Well, prepare yourself s for the one the only MICHAEL DOUGHERTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Movie camera was taken by


Birth of a legend

This guy was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Eventually, he would take classes in Tisch school of arts in New York City. “Where” he made his first film called Seasons Greetings in 1996. How he came across the Godzilla series because his mother used to watch the original series called the Showa series.

Movies he made

In his directorial debut, Michael made a movie called Trick R Treat which I have seen before and I have enjoyed watching this one where you get an anthology of three stories that affect other people inside the movie itself. While it is a horror series I believe I might as well show it to you guys as it is a good start to an awesome career in movie.it played in several film festivals before getting a DVD release in 2009. In December, he also made the krumpus movie which to me didn’t really seem like his best works of art in the time frame even though it is a holiday-themed movie. But Let’s get to the real meat and potatoes you want. After all, The real reason why anyone is here is to check out one of the Giant monster movies you see. Not just one but quite a few of those said movies.

Godzilla King of the monsters and the future

While we did manage to get Godzilla King of the monsters and even though for me it has the usual cliches it is still a movie that makes money. So it only stands to reason that the monster verse continues the way it has been going. As a thought ,they were planing on making the remake of the classic King Kong VS Godzilla movie in their own style. The only thing about this one however it had been recently delayed during the making of this bio which I question the design more so because of the actors in said position. Who is to say they will not sign a different movie deal with a different company? that is something I believe everyone should think about with some of these movies. They might have a stable cast now but who is going to stay with this for an extremely long time with no pay?

Comics for thought.

this guy not only was big into films but he also wrote plots out for not one not two but four comic prequels for the Superman comics. Being as I am not a superman fan. I always thought the series was enduring. Much like the Godzilla series I am glad that an avid fan of these decided to take the role and continue a legacy for these wonderful franchises.

“While” that was going on he also made a couple of comic book spin-offs of some of his works in film. Including the Trick R treat stories. The closest comics I ever got into were always the swamp thing comics and they were the most interesting things in my child hood. Very detailed and very story driven.


Well with every thing else going on this guy still has a lot to do here as a whole. I myself can’t wait for the new Godzilla vs King Kong though I think with the style they have been using for these films I hope the delay is more about focus rather than about styling the movie CGI. I understand the CGI needs to be believable and nice to look at but as I have always said story can always make a diff rents in how a movie is played out and how long of an impact it will have on fans for years to come. But Who knows what Mr. Doughty has in store for our future. For all ,we know the monster verse series could last for a thousand years with no sign of ever stopping anytime soon. I believe for these movies that he made I will leave the links down below for everyone to check out.


And a final note to leave off on is this. Since this year was Gamera’s 54th birthday which means I will be covering the Gamera series all throughout this year and next year along with making some Gamera themed vs that involved the said characters from every series. As well as that. I will also add personal bios of specific people who worked with the series and how they managed to impact all these movies we see today.




Trick r treat



Godzilla King of the Monsters


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