A man behind the ape

Hello and thanks again for stopping by. today I am going to talk about a guy that brought us one of the most famous monsters to ever walk the screen. Ernest Schoedsack also to use we know him as the father of the King Kong.

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The place to start

Like every one else here this guy was born in 1893 and lived in my neck of the woods in Iowa. He tried to run away from home by 14 years and failed. He was inspired for adventure by some books like Treaser Island and other things. To San Diego then took his adventure to San Francisco to be a surveyor. (A land looker) and got the wonderful nickname of Shorty where he was 6’5inches of guy. At 21, he went into the film industry in 1914 over in Los Angeles with the help of his brother.

A start in film

This guy started to film in 1916 as a camera man that filmed for the US army in France. “After” the war he stayed in Europe continuing his career as a camera man. His eyesight was very bad, but he kept going into film and helped the people of Poland escape a war against Russia. He also worked for the American red cross. When he helped people from the Greece Turkey war he got noticed by the New York times and he started filming around the world.


A new friend

In 1918 met a guy by the name of Merian Cooper who co directer a bunch of movies like safari movies and stuff like that. Ernest would then met an actress and screen writer named Ruth Rose who would then be married in 1926 after an expedition to the Galapagos islands

They also filmed their landmark film in a land called Persia (now Iran) called Grass. That movie was about a few tribal nomads looking for grass which started the phrase “Natural Dramas.

In 1929 Merian and Ernest created their first fictional film called The four feathers(Fun fact this was the last silent film ever made by Hollywood.)

Let’s talk King Kong

Now we get to the facts about a certain movie that’s the grandfather of all giant monster movies. The tasks were split up into sections. Ernest worked on scenes with the actors whereas Merian and Ruth worked on the special effects for the movie. Another fun fact this was a final film where they collaborated together. The other film that was made with Ruth as well as Ernest together was the Son of Kong in 1933 released by RKO pictures. And let me just say. (RKO Outta nowhere if you get the reference.) I can have fun to you know. But back on the topic.

After all that both Ruth and Ernest worked on a film called blind adventure which is an interesting film but not really what we look for in monster films. I think for this chap and the movies he has done I will leave five of his films he has worked on down below and see what you guys think of it all.

Ernest did a lot of firsts for Hollywood with D. R cyclops being another first movie that ended up made in color for 1940. In 1949 We got to view the movie Mighty Joe Young but the bad news for him though it was a movie that brought the crew back together it was also the last film Ernest ever directed.


I want to conclude this by saying this was a first time for me covering a person who just bored me to a fashion of nowhere. I tried to keep this guy as an interesting person for all you to view but he lived his life like everyone else really. He went to war, He got married, He worked on his passion in photography and Directed a great movie that has had a very strong following for years.
I am going to add Merian Cooper in my next personal bio story once this month is done and over with.

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