A Look at King Kong (2005)

Hello and welcome back to my website. Today I get to review a movie that has been remade about seven times from movie to television it has been through it all. What am I talking about you ask? Well, read below and find out. Just a reminder all links are provided by amazon.


One of the very first giant monsters that were made popular to the big screen that still touches the human soul even today.
This is the 2005 remake version of the classic and boy do I have things to say.


We start out with our first main character(Anne) opening up the story with her doing a play on stage in front of a limited audience. During the opening of the scene, we hear some music from Al Jolson.

(I might add is a good way to start a movie like this.)

As the movie progresses we see that the show performance is not doing the best and knowing the timeline of this story the theater runs out of money and the actors/actresses are unemployed and without a paycheck.

Our main character Anne is a very positive person in our story up till her co-worker makes a confession to her that gives off a sense of hopelessness to our character for our first time meeting her.
Looks can speak a thousand words if you take

the time to see.

But with a determined look that reminds us of a sense of a normal thing to happen in our lives Anne take the advice of her co-worker and tries out for a part in a play that she admired for so long She goes to find the agent who is very uninterested in her advancements and tries to steer the conversation in a different direction.

In what seems like a desperate form of pity from the agent He did give our main character an address for her to follow to get some work for herself.

( the background shots taken were very nice and very animated with the shots of New York being as booming as one could imagine.)
During this time we also come to a small theater studio where another character is seen enviously staring at his promoters as they watch another of his safari pictures.

Mr. Denham(played very professionally by Jack Black surprisingly.) notices the sheer boredom of the promoters and tries to get their attention to no avail by giving them a proposal of funding an expedition to find an infamous island by the name Skull Island.
(Let’s say this is where we get to see the personality of Carl very clearly.)
Then there is our final main character Jack Driscel(played by Adrien Brody) Who is a victim in Carl scheming plans for a movie shoot that leads him to Skull Island.



As the story progresses we see Anne get noticed by Carl Denham over at an (“unsightly”) club of the adult variety. Of course with pride and a fact she doesn’t want to walk that path of desperation. But hunger can get the best of anyone.

But like a sleazy salesperson, Carl sweeps in and saves Anne from trouble and eventually feeds her and gives her another proposal.
And off they go on the ship called the venture. Of which other references are quite a few in this movie to the 1933 original King Kong.


We begin to see Anne take the voyage to shoot some scenes of a movie with some lines from the original Kong movie But as we reach the halfway point in our story the second main character starts to question Carl on his filming.


Carl acts defensive but eventually tells the secret to Jack Driscoll about going to the island but low and behold we see a shipmate sneak over to overhear the conversation and that’s when the story for Carl takes a turn for the worse. The sponsors who funded the last expedition Carl was on. Sent a warrant for his arrest and the captain found out and was turning the ship around to head back to New York.

But as luck would have it you get a sudden change in the atmosphere. ( which the timing was just perfect for the change in the movie’s pace) The ship runs into the fog and ends up stuck on the rocks of the infamous Skull Island.



“After” a very gruesome run-in with the natives we see for the first time the very monster we were meeting to see. (While I do like how they designed the way the monster is built and looked upon This Kong is however modeled after a silverback gorilla we see today and that is kind of throwing off to me. This is supposed to be a completely new species of an ape on the island and the best thing they could come up with is a silverback gorilla?)

“After” a failed rescue from the crew to find Anne. Driscoll goes and tries to rescue her himself after the whole slew of problems accrues on his voyage. The rescue is successful we see King Kong at his fullest.
He goes in to storm the walls made against him only to walk into a massive trap that puts more tension with the monster which by the way was a very powerful moment in the movie
But eventually even with all that power shown Kong eventually falls to a direct hit to the head of chloroform.


King Kong: movie pack

King Kong the animated series:1966 1

King Kong the animated series:1966 2

King Kong: King of Atlantis


As usual, I won’t ruin the end of the story for you but I would like to add Just like the original movie or maybe even better, The ending brings out the same emotion you feel for when you see a character you like downfall. (No pun intended for those of you who have seen the movies.)


So you have come this far into the blog and now you want to see for yourself the movie. Well, I will be adding some links along with some news about my next post. As I am sure you are well aware I don’t have very many pictures from my previous post because what I do is try to find the best pictures for the best budget for myself as a starter on this website.

But I am one of those people who will do his best to give you the best content I can. Thank you for viewing this post and have a great day.

Update: My next post will be dealing with a very special movie I watched since I was a kid and to this day still have little feels for this movie Godzilla vs Destroyah.


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