A Little About Me

Hello and welcome to my site. “If” interested in all things monster related{including creature features}Then you came to the right place. This site also will have links to satisfy all you crazies with movie and collector needs.

My Story

Well, to start out I need to make a confession to you my real name is not Johnathon. To give a little back story I have been to hundreds of websites that promised the moon for your simple work on that site.

And needless to say, I was getting my hopes up for each site. I went with the name Johnathon because I like the name and to me sounded like a person that was known as a businessman. I was scammed many times and had given up hope for me to ever find peace in my life.

But now with this site, there is still hope.

A hope that maybe somewhere someone will like what I do for work and help make this silly dream of mine become a reality.

What I do,

I do movie reviews and personal bios of famous people in the giant monster industry. I also tend to try new things to entertain some of you through so of the content I produce here.

I try to keep a constant update on this website and improve the quality constantly and once a week a new post comes out.

What Is This About?

This is a website that deals with reviews on all sorts of monster movies that are family-friendly for my audience. I almost always make all links for every post down below my content unless it’s a personal bio to which I will make it very clear where they are. Other than that I try to make my site entertaining as well as informative. I also want this website to last for a very long time. and the only way to do so is through you guys. You make the decision as to how long this lasts.

It also analyzes different scenarios one time a month to see which monster will win a fight between each other.

I also give bios for different people that influenced the industry in one way or another once a month.

Why Make A Site For Monster Lovers?

I don’t really see any sites that have any clear themes that deal with giant monster movies like this would. And this site will also include all the obscure movies and collectibles. Plus I wouldn’t mind seeing how many people like having a site that basically has everything monster related and has some form of community in this niche.


The Goal

What I hope to do for this site is that it helps people find all the obscure collections of monster movies, toys, games, etc. plus I want this site to also be a type of community that it doesn’t matter your age gender, etc. What matters is what you want to bring to the table in talking about Giant Monsters.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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