a feminine touch to Gamera

Here we are, back with another personal bio for this month. This time we have a little bit of a feminine touch to our Gamera series with this actress being shown in Gamera: Guardian of the universe. I am of course talking about the one the only Ayako Fujitani!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am an amazon affiliate as usual and the picture of people was made by hinnk
(Ayako is the woman in the middle)

How she lived

OH, you guys are going to love this fact. In her early years, She was born in Osaka Japan where she was fathered by none other than Steven Seagal. So you know from that point onward that her future in movies was bright.Not only that, but She also managed to move herself to Los Angeles California. (Yep, my opinion still stands that she was made for the film industry.) Being the avid fan of film, Ayako made her debut in our Gamera trilogy film we just reviewed.(Insert shameless ad plug here.) But she got the part through meeting a famed film director named Shusuke Kaneko who also had her play a role in a tv show called ultra man max.

her work as an actress/writer

Ayako continued to work as an actress for the movies as she worked on projects like Man from Reno and some other ones that placed her in a couple of minor roles in the said movies. (I might link the minor roles down below but I will also include the note they are minor roles in the links below my content.)

After spending her time in Los Angeles studying some English she began to write for a Japanese magazine so-named “Road Show” Her skills as a writer really took flight to show with novels like Yakeinu (Burnt Dog) and Touhimu (Flee-Dream) though Flee Dream was often mistaken for being a biography for Ayako’s life at times. The truth about this one is it’s a fictional story about a suicidal girl who tries to make sense out of life, death, and love. While the other story is about the relationship between a man and a girl he raised in his cellar. Along with another director/writer named Hideaki Anno who helped her with a project that turned her novel(flee dream) into an adaptation of a film named “Shiki-Jitsu”(which might be linked down below the content.) I might as well add that it was also the first film produced by the studio named Studio Ghibli that wasn’t an animated film. She also stared in a role that got the Artistic Award from the Tokyo International Film Festival and showed at the Hong Kong International Film Festival.

To this day Ayako still is the established writer for both fiction and nonfiction novels in Japan along with a full bucket of essays and short stories to many different publications. In 2014 She began co-writing an Ermenegildo Zegna commissioned short film with Park Chan-wook, Chung Chung-hoon and Michael Werwie that Park also directed the short.

Gamera the guardian

On this part, I am going to be mostly focusing on her moments in the Gamera trilogy without spoiling anything for the next reviews.I will give off some of my thoughts about her portrayal with her role as Asagi in this section of the blog as a way for you to understand my mindset when I first saw this film and saw her.(Keep in mind this isn’t like a crush or anything like that I just want to give an opinion like my other reviews.)I am going to start off by saying the teen acting was really good. She was definitely a set stable for the Gamera series from there on out. It kind of reminds me of how certain horror characters are showcased with an actor for them to be constantly reprising the role in each sequel because of their first performance.(Nightmare on elm street)

I felt as though Asagi was a misunderstood girl who was living with her father for an unspecified reason(Though there may be a few hints about it in the other movies. I will look into it on my next reviews and let you guys know some of my conclusions.) But being as that may, Asagi seemed to have a different mindset with this new metal after she was attached to Gamera for a time. as she is going through this I noticed how she doesn’t seem to be the sarcastic teen we saw at the beginning of the movie who later seemed to act more like an adult after she owned the metal.

a journies end.

Well, this is the end of our story for this personal bio. Like merlin Cooper, there wasn’t much story on this person. But Ayako Fujitani did have a few surprises for us. The part that surprised me the most while researching this was with Steven Segal being her father. I don’t know of anyone that never heard of Steven Segal. I am not even a fan of the guy. But regardless, This was an interesting story to write about, though it is pretty short. I will be putting links to her movies where She had the spotlight down below and I will check you guys out on the next post.

I am also aware of how it has been out there and some of you might have even been affected by everything going on out there. I am for one, thankful for everyone who came over to view my content in these times. I know it is pretty scary out there. But keep your heads up. this thing will end soon.

The man from Reno


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