20,million miles to earth

Well I am going to start out this with a little bit more up coming news for the future of this website and the thgouths on the livestream show incoming. I will still continue to blog on this site and keep posting as an amazon affiliate but I will also be posting the livestream on this site as well. But onward to the blog as we disscuss the newst classic in our libary of classics on this site with 20,million miles to earth.

The story itself.

Our story starts with a narrator describing a scene where we talk about space travel and the past dealing with the atomic age. Then the scene ends with the title being shown. We are taken next to the city of Sicily Italy with a few fishermen and kids bringing in a haul when they manage to spot a ship crashing down into the ocean below. So one of the men from the fishing boat decides to go and try to get a look from the ship with the hole inside. The men and kid eventually come across a wreckage

What they manage to find are two surviving piolets within the ship they had to take out and fast. (The ship was filling with water) So they manage to get the two out in time with one of the fishermen making the comment that there had to be more people within the ship. But as they are taking the crew to shore one of the other fishermen discovers something odd going on with one of the astronauts shows signs of disease coming off the skin. The unfortunate side is even after the fishermen manage to get a doctor for the men. (This will later be a plot point in the movie.) But the “Doctor” is just studying medicine that the boy from the fishing boat was asked to fetch.

When they managed to get the two astronauts into a shelter, they were discovered to be sent from the army into venus to only for one who is a doctor to perish to a mysterious disease that came from the planet. The other was a colonel who mentioned a missing specimen from the pod and trying to get the answer he needed from the doctor before he died as he knew beforehand the disease was fatal. What was mentioned was something about a specimen before the poor doc finally perished due to the infection. We don’t hear much about it afterward and we transition to the next scene.

We transition into a scene with the fisher boy playing out by the ocean when he spots an unusual container filled with something that is like an egg.The kid looks through the container to notice how transparent the egg seems to be. In this confusion, The kid decides to go over to the doctors place to get their relation who is a doctorate in biology to get some money for the kid to buy a cowboy hat from texas as of the kid mentions.

While that was going on, We see some what of the chat between the doctor and the colonel about the situation with him. there is some friendly banter between the two. It eventually reaches a point where the cornel gave up and did what the doctor wanted to do.

Eventually, with everything going on, the boy give the egg to the doctors father and takes the money to run off. The only thing mentioned to the biologist when he asked the boy where the egg came from, his reply was from the sea. With very little to go on the biologist simply sets the egg down after a bit unintentionally to warm up the egg. Once warmed by the light, the alien creature appears in all its stop motion glory.

The doctor and the biologist puzzle at this strange new creature before them as it moves around the table. So they made a decision to take the egg over to the capital to have a different biologist examine the creature. But that is when we discover the most terrifying trait of the creature. It is continuing to grow. It becomes clear that they have to contain this thing somehow. They manage to place the thing in a cage, but by the time everything is said and done, the creature managed to grow to human size. This eventually becomes too much and the creature manages to break through the cage to escape into the woods.

During this escape, The monster comes across a local farm and leaves some untold destruction that leaves a few casualties until the colonel catches wind of what is going on and develops a plan to capture this new beast. There is a lot to be told with his that is for sure. But as usual. I don’t want to spoil this for you guys as there is a little more than just capturing this one.

What’s on my mind

what is on my mind is how the movie feels like something that is a success with the kaiju film. I find this to be one of those movies that is taught in collages simply for the sheer aspect for how special effects are done with simple stop motion. What is also on my mind with this movie is just how well set up the situations are and how comic book like the movie tends to grow as you look through it. The thing I found the most interesting was the monster’s abilities and the thought that was put into why the creature was so dangerous. The idea of the monster growing due to the oxegen surrounding it is very clever.

I find those concepts and the fact the standard back in the day was the so unworldly makes this one of the top kaiju movies that never got a sequil. Do I feel there could have been a sequel to this movie if there were enough of a demand for such a sequel? (That could be a talking point for a future blog on this site.) Of course a lot of that comes to pure speculation on the subject and as usual, I will not put links on anything where I am mainly just putting my thoguhts down on this website. The other things mostly have to do with the work put into the research and everything else.

The special effects

I am always one to praise the special effects of stop motion and this is no exception. However I do feel in this one for some odd reason, The stop motion was a little lifeless vs something from the beast from 20,000 fathoms. ( I am starting to see a pattern here.)(old time Hollywood liked the number 20) The effects were jerky and seemed robotic with each movement. Though the monster is somewhat different, I do feel you would get king kong vibs from the creature. Heck even how it dies can be called king kong related with him climbing the roman coliseum only to met his own end.(Spoiler)

Why watch this movie

This is a solid film that you would love to watch as a first-timer. Just the special effects from Ray Harryhausen are always the eye-catchers with how the stop motion plays out. If that doesn’t sells you, there is also William Hopper in this. He is best known for being in the Perry Mason series.Legendary actor and fairly strong with this role he took in the movie. Besides that, Who doesn’t like a little sifi classic film within their lives? But all in all, I think this is a great movie for everyone who is just starting out with kaiju movies(Monster movies) or is a veteran fan.


Well, it is time to end this blog off with another goodbye and I will see you in the next blog and apologies for the late review. Life decided to kick me a little harder than usual this week. But links are down below and they are from amazon.

20 million miles to earth in color(Prime only)

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