Godzilla and mothra,The battle for earth

Hello again everyone, and welcome to another addition to classic giant monsters. In today’s blog, we are going to be diving into yet another movie that fits this era of movies within the Godzilla movies. Plenty of content is still on the way with a few of these movies. Also might have a special ending to this era incoming. So stick around and enjoy the content as we make, yet another dive into another classic. Just a little reminder, I am an amazon affiliate and all pictures provided belong to their respective owners listed below their content.

The main story concept

Well, I am just going to remind people of this since some might not understand my reasoning. But typically, I go over what I like about the story without the spoilers being involved, I mostly stay away from names or describing particular scenes in these movies. But with that being said, Let’s go over the story.

I feel as though we get a massive change in story concepts within the movie as we go from the Goofyness of Ghidorah to the usual hidden meaningful message within the film. For this movie, we get the concept of People getting into things they shouldn’t get into causing devastation to the environment. It eventually gets to the point where the new monster Battra is released into the environment. The digger of the sight eventually travels to Infant island to ask for Mothra’s help. But alas Godzilla has to throw a monkey wrench into the plans as this three-way battle takes us to new heights in this Battle for earth.

“You get the concept of time travel from a group of being who made landfall in Japan. They came up with a proposal to rid Japan of Godzilla as they “Claim” Godzilla would eventually wipe Japan entirely from the face of the earth. There are subtle hints that the visitors (That’s what I’ll call them from here on out)have more devious motives than simply warning Japan from destruction. But that isn’t shown until halfway through the movie with the creation of the monster, King Ghidorah. That is one of the main ideas that stick out from the showa movie version. This one carries a little mystery with the creature that draws the audience to want to know more about the said creature. That is what I love about the Heisei era besides the special effects work.

They took a concept idea, and they pushed for something slightly different than increasing the value of the story by quite a bit. Creative direction is another main staple within the Heisei era of these films as a whole.”

(Just a little oops, I sort of got carried away with the previous movie that I took a misstep and added that as well to Godzilla Mothra, Battle for earth. So the mistake symbols will be shown in quotations here ” “)

keith schurr

Godzilla and Battra

With Battra being the newest monster coming into the fold, let’s go over the things that separate this monster from mothra and how this one squares up against Godzilla at the beginning of the film.

We take note with the monster (In the embryo stage)was about the same size as Godzilla in the first encounter. Very destructive, and seemingly tanky when it came to fighting one on one with Godzilla, But when Battra reaches adult form, we notice that while this creature is smaller, Battra more than makes up for the lack of size with speed and new abilities that put Godzilla even more in his place. However, Godzilla is still the King of the monsters. And with good reason as eventually, it takes both Mothra and Battra to fight off Godzilla within the film. (A minor spoiler there.)

Godzilla still maintains the similar look he had when he was seen in Godzilla vs Biollante with a few minor changes that aren’t noticeable. The most noticeable thing that is worth noting is the eyes are at a relatively normal size when it involves previous moments in the film. I approve of this. I was never a major fan of the “cartoony” style with the previous films in the showa era.


Unlike the original with a brown hue seeming to follow the creature, This mothra is patterned with more vibrant colors that brightly light up the screen. Between the color patterns to the amazing texture design of the creature, Mothra’s overall appearance seems to have changed the way we look at the symbolism of the creature in nature. Just a very well-crafted design as per usual with this movie.

(Yet another reason I love the Heisei era of the film so much.)

Final thoughts

While this movie did have a decent flow to an overall story(The introduction of Battra being a noteworthy idea,) Between that and a very clear message within the movie, we get a decent mix of excitement with the dangers that these monsters carry.

All the more when considering the monster within the films. Mothra is the most benevolent (peaceful) of the creatures involved. Between the special effects, the acting, and just the overall story, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that you guys will enjoy these movies. With that being said, this isn’t exactly a movie for everyone, As it does have plenty of cheesy moments.


Another classic down for the record books as we conclude another classic review for the week. I hope everyone enjoyed it. And a friendly reminder for those who want to support my work. Be sure to check out the link down below to find fantastic deals straight from amazon. Just making sure everyone has the best deals out there. In truth, we all could use a classic to add to our collection of movies. It helps take us away from the norm. Because the truth of the matter is we need more things to take us out of the norm and into fantasy. Aside from that, I am thankful for all of you who came in to check out my content. eventually, I will start producing videos regularly and provide a little more content than what I do.

See Godzilla vs King Ghidorah

Godzilla vs King Ghidorah Heisei era

Here we are, back to work with another classic giant monsters movie review in the making. Eventually, we would reach this point of talking about this classic, And I couldn’t be happier to oblige. with the goofiness about to be turned up to eleven, I do not doubt that I might spark a chuckle of laughs here and there with some of you guys. So it is my pleasure to present to you. Godzilla vs Ghidorah!!!!

The plot thoughts

As far as the plot goes, this one considers the concept of time travel and attempts to change the canon of the original movies into its spin on things. I do find this idea an interesting concept to work with, however, most of the time, changing the lore in any film series as a whole has dire consequences over the overall story as the audiences watch.

This went on for the Star Wars movies as a prime example of lore changing. But I will not go into details as to the how. All that needs to be known is this. When you attempt something drastically new, you are going to lose the audience’s attention.

I see similar problems with this type of movie. But the difference between the two is just how seamless TOHO drives the plot in the movie, it’s not too fast the audiences wouldn’t be able to understand it, and it’s not too slow to lose the attention given to it.

And that to me, is how someone can be successful at changing canon to a story. At least, that is the first step. Next would be to go over how your movie looks on screen, so let’s cut to the special effects.

special effects

I have a bias when it comes to the Heisei era of these films. Couldn’t you tell? I give high praise to the special effects that were shown in each film. Of course for me at least, This is where I would give TOHO outstanding praise for their craft with the special effects. It seems like an era in time where it was all or nothing. What could one company do with a certain budget for the film industry? The answer came in the form of the Heisei era of films. Godzilla vs Ghidorah was no exception in that regard.

(Just to give you guys a note, From things I remembered. originally, King Kong was to make an appearance instead of king Ghidorah. Kind of odd how this would have turned out considering. But It would change the dynamic of how I saw these films if that were to happen. Being a major fan of this era, it would be interesting to see just how they would be able to create the Kong suit in the movie if they had the lease on the rights to Kong.)

King Ghidorah

Out of every design that came out of the TOHO studios, I am going to say this one is one of my favorites by far. There is just so much going on with this design.

First, let’s go over the appearance. A lot is being played out from the scales to the horns. There is a large amount of detail that goes into the Ghidorah suit. Even the origins of the monster are complete with massive amounts of detail. (Though if I am going, to be honest here, I think some of it was made to be a cash grab for advertising with some of their special effects.)

Regardless of how I feel about this, I still have a few grips with parts that I felt appealed too much to the younger audience. You get that with the pair of eyes the suit has. Fairly wide-eyed and sort of detailed. Now, this isn’t to the showa levels, I do feel it is what give the movie the goofy levels of “not to be taking this seriously moments” This is where I see the problems, it feels like the movie isn’t going a certain direction with what it was going for. It was like the plot was the Showa era in the ’90s. There are periods where things could work out, But in this case, they took two eras and tried to roll them into one.


Well, a lot of people understand the appeal of Godzilla when it comes to appearance. You get the dinosaur-like vibes just at a glance of the monster. Not to mention, the sheer detail that was put into the suit design was top-notch. Though I still have a problem with the eyes seeming bigger than the entire head. I think it works out well for what they were presenting. They are presenting larger-than-life characters with over-the-top special effects that to this day, still amazes me on how much effort was placed into this kind of content.

From the emotional look of Godzilla to the overall style of the creature. I will say this makes for a perfect blend with this type of movie


Well, here we are with another classic that has reached its end. I hope everyone enjoyed this review. It’s another one of those classics that while it isn’t so fondly remembered by myself, does have a certain feel for what it presents to you guys. It’s a feeling of a movie to give you a break from the harshness of reality and into the realm of fiction constantly. Something we all tend to lean towards from time to time, whether it is Netflix bing watching, or just taking a few hours to get away from it all. there is a certain feel with this as you dive deeper into the whole story of how things are. I for one, am thankful such a movie like this exists to take us all away from the stress of life if just for one moment. But not to ramble too far into this, I think you guys will enjoy this movie listed down below and I will see you guys in the next blog.

(Godzilla vs Ghidorah Heisei era) Double feature

Katsumi Tezuka, Suitmation expert

Before we begin, I’d like to apologize for the wonky postings recently, things have been going topsy turvy with my life as of late. But as with all things in life, we keep trudging along in hopes to get things working out for us. We are monster fans after all. So let’s trample over the competition to this month with another personal bio of the month with a legendary assistant suit actor of the Godzilla movies with Katsumi Tezuka!

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Rodan vs King Kong

Hello again, and welcome back to another vs series in the classic giant monsters. Bring you the content the blog can deliver with iconic matches that bring anyone to their knees with legendary opponents battling one on one in these iconic fight to the death events. I am sure everyone is going to be excited about this new installment. This time we have two overgrown giants duking out over who is the better monster with the oversized monkey battling a prehistoric chicken that loves to mess with people. I present to you King Kong vs Rodan.

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Godzilla vs Biollante

Good afternoon / where ever time zone you guys are from. his is another review from classic giant monsters. This is an exciting era of film for me, as I’ve always been a fan. I gave you guys many reasons why I loved this era in the previous blog. So now You guys can see for yourselves as to why I love these movies with the one that helped introduce me to these movies. I can’t wait to show you guys why I love these movies. So sit back and relax as we explore an explosive start to these movies with Godzilla vs Biollante this week’s pictures are brought to you by the people listed down below and I’m an amazon affiliate.

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Godzilla 1985, the start of the heisi era in america

To start the blog, I want to recap to everyone what these reviews for the movies are about with Godzilla. With the movies spanning decades, We organize the movies based on the era each movie makes the showing in Japan. While our main focus is on the American side of these movies. There is a lot of movies that have mirrored the Japanese movies with a few alterations. I will not go over the differences between these movies since it has already been covered by a YouTuber. However, if you would comment down below if you want to know who YouTuber is, I will include the link down below directly to the channel, without further delay, let’s go over, Godzilla, 1985.

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Terror Of Mecha Godzilla

And once again, we have returned to make another review on the classic giant monster page. only this time, we are on the last movie of the famed showa era of movies. And what a way to go out with a bang. New monsters, old monsters oh my. Just a whole new plethora of characters to talk about that it would make your head spin. But let’s see about talking about the basics. Because that’s what this is all about with classic giant monsters. Introducing a new generation to this type of media while at the same time, giving winking nods to the previous. So sit back and relax as we dive into another classic.

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An artist in the making

Goood morning Kaiju kings and queens of the world, We are back with another personal bio this week only this type is diving deep into the future of these movies with an up-and-coming artist of the said community at large. In due time, this is one person that could make a major impact on the industry. Who is this person you ask? well sit tight and I will tell you. I present a legend, someone who has shown dedication to their craft online constantly improving their drawings bringing them one step closer to the life they are searching for. I present to everyone the newest classic addition to the records. BEES DRAWING ART!!!!!!!!!! all links and pictures belong to their respected owners as a reminder to everyone.

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Megalon vs Baragon

Good morning or afternoon or night depending on where you live in the world. This is another vs battle for the ages. For those of you who might be new at this, let me explain. every last Monday of the month, I publish a vs blog that studies two opposing monsters with similar abilities and strengths to see which one is the most likely to come out on top with each battle scenario. typically, the battlefield is evened out so as it wouldn’t affect how both monsters would preform. The key element in every battle is for the monster left standing to be a victor. Everything is analyzed based solely on the monsters themselves regardless of the environment the monsters are placed in.

I started this out because I saw a lot of different people online doing somewhat similar things with superhero movies and thought why not do something with monsters? So this came to be what it is today with a little in-depth research. So with that out of the way, let’s get into why everyone is really here. Let’s see if an oversized drill bit beetle or a dog dinosaur wins.

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Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla

Back by popular demand, classic giant monsters reach a closing point to the showa era movies. This point is taken into yet another different direction with the popularity of the “spy genre” dominating the culture market in the ’70s with the James bond movies. With that going on TOHO wouldn’t let an opportunity like that go unnoticed with their movies, so they took it on themselves to deliver in their own style of content with Godzilla vs Mecha Godzilla. Just a friendly reminder that I am an amazon affiliate once again and the pictures will have the labels directed to their content creator.


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