Hiroyuki Wantanabe

We are back into the swing of things with another personal bio coming your way. There will be something I will have to point out before we begin. You know many people I have covered in the personal bios had been gone from the world many years before the discussion took place. this one sadly isn’t the case between that and a few of his roles in filming that would captivate an audience the world over. A historied career is what we cover in Hiroyuki’s impressive story. Just to clarify there are two names that are the same here. But in this story, we are explaining the life of the actor vs the baseball player of the same name.

Early life accomplishments

Watanabe was born in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture, on 9 December 1955. He graduated from Takushoku University, Faculty of Commerce. During his studies at the university, he learned German while working for the German airline company Lufthansa.

(Just to add to the content, things are pretty convoluted with this person. Which is a shame considering but I will see what more I could find on this person.) 

Being well educated in many different languages Hiroyuki spoke from various lines of work. 

He was a talented student who acquired various languages during his undergraduate studies. He learned German while working for Lufthansa, a German airline. Following that, he launched his entertainment career by appearing in a Coca-Cola television commercial in 1980. He began performing in dramas, including a few tokusatsu programs. His most recent appearance was as Taiga Saejima in the tokusatsu series GARO. He also had a role in Kamen Rider.

Hiroyuki is from the Ibaraki Prefecture of Mito. He has performed in several significant works, including the film “On the Road.” He starred in Taisho Pharmaceutical Co.’s “Lipovitan D” energy drink advertisements.
He also acted in the films “Daijobu, My Friend” in 1983, “Uindii” (Windy Story) in 1984, “Too Much” in 1987, and “Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah” in 2001, and “Sake-Bomb” in 2013. After enjoying a successful career, He married actress Hideko Hara in 1994.

(People tend to feel they have to establish themselves for self-worth. Needless to say things with him is something few people can experience.) 

The movies he starred in or had a part in. 

In full bloom


the end

There are always things that seem to not work out for everyone with all things in life. Sadly Hiroyuki passed away on May 3rd, 2022. Which is something that I feel we should discuss a little down below as this is a tough meant to comprehend considering just how dark this is.  


A major discussion

typically I don’t tend to dive deep into this kind of commentary on these kinds of topics. But This is kicking me in the feelings and I feel I must discuss this kind of topic. The topic is suicide, Suicide can be a very tough topic to talk about in these kinds of spaces and there are times when you have to find someone with no options left within their life, and when they were pushed too far just gave up on life. There are many reasons why a person would reach that point. It’s one of the many harsh realities that we as people always face when dealing with our lives, Actors are no exception. The unfortunate fact about what happened is that he committed suicide by hanging his neck. The family was the ones who found his body hanging from his house that day.


Well, we have reached another conclusion of classic giant monsters in our personal bio stories that keep on coming to deliver to you guys. it’s always enjoyable to do when it comes to looking into people’s lives. Though this one has been brief and very rough for the most part, I am sure just sharing the story with you guys will do him justice for such a fantastic career during his time. my only wish was that he could have lived his life longer and had never reached that point in his life where 

Let’s end off on a happy note by saying things may be harsh in the world right now, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel no matter how dark the world is.

I am always thankful for everyone who comes into my life. whether it is through blogs or in real life. I’m always thankful for that precious moment with people. some people forget about the little things in life. And life can be so devastating if one isn’t careful. So many things could go wrong for anyone involved.

But in closing, I would like to thank everyone once again for joining me on this journey to discuss Hiroyuki and the great accomplishments that followed throughout his life up to his tragic passing. Hopefully one day, we will cease to hear stories like this during our lifetimes. And I will see everyone on the next blog.


Still doing the usual back and forth between the blog and youtube content-wise but in the next video, I’ll be talking more in-depth about my recent personal bio and hopefully give everyone something new while delivering the same quality of content everyone knows and loves. chow for now.

The founder of TOHO Ichizo Kobayashi

As in all forms of media, there are always foundations that create the establishments we come to know and love today.TOHO is no exception to this rule. With all great companies comes a leader. A specific leader with a vision that drives people to new heights that lead us to where we are today.

Origin story

Kobayashi was born in Kawarabe village, Koma, Yamanashi Prefecture (present-day Nirasaki, Yamanashi) on January 3, 1873, to a wealthy merchant family known by the trade name “Nunoya” His mother died immediately after his birth and his father left the family, leaving Kobayashi under the care of his uncle’s family.

An interesting start of a story though we have our fair share of dark stories here, I would say this would take the cake for deeper types of lives.





schooling and career

He was named Ichizō, meaning “one-three”, because of his birthday, January 3. He graduated from Keio Gijuku in 1892. After a 14-year career at the Mitsui Bank, he founded (technically as one of the promoters/executive directors) Mino-o Arima Electric Railway Company (then Hankyu Corp., now, Hankyu Hanshin Holdings, Inc.) in 1907. At Hankyu, Kobayashi made success in the management of the railway in a less-populated region by developing residential areas and an amusement park along the railway line as well as a department store at the railway terminal. He also established the Takarazuka Revue and the Hankyu professional baseball team (the predecessors of Orix Buffaloes) to attract passengers. Such a business model established by Kobayashi was followed by other railway companies in Japan.


An industry leader

Knowing all this form of media, We now dive into some of the ways he established himself within the industry to learn what he has and possibly what he entailed his vision of life would be.

chizō Kobayashi was commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to lead a diplomatic mission to the Dutch East Indies in 1940. Negotiations were for a new agreement on Dutch oil. On September 12, 1940, a Japanese delegation of 24, led by Kobayashi as the Minister of Commerce and Industry, arrived in Batavia to renegotiate political and economic relations between Japan and the Dutch East Indies. Included were six high-ranking military officers, including one of the Rear Admiral Tadashi Maeda.

The Dutch Embassy in Japan did not actively take part, although the Dutch Ambassador in Tokyo, J .C. Pabst, had already received the first list of Japanese economic demands in June 1940. Later, all further negotiations were conducted via the Dutch colonial administration in Batavia and Sukabumi, and received support from the Japanese Consulate General, in the persons of Masatoshi Saito (before 1941) and later by Yutaka Ishizawa.

Their first demand was an increase in petrol exports to Japan from the existing 570,000 tons in 1939 to 3,750,000 tons, about 50% of the total Dutch East Indies production. The Dutch answered that existing obligations would only permit an increase to about 1,800,000 tons. Kobayashi initially accepted this proposal but was soon recalled to Japan on October 2, 1940.

some final thoughts

I think this goes without saying that this guy has built a legacy that spans generations onward. It also helps to be so diversified in what he did to make the foundations. Just all so inspiring. from railways to bak promoters to eventually a career in theater, there is no doubt that Kobayashi has left his name as a mark in japans fabled history as the father of industry and eventually entertainment mediums.

Though he was part of the old style of japan, let us not forget the thing that binds us from all over the world together. Our sense of growth and the pursuit of happiness.


Well, things are slowly getting back to normal in our lives. I am glad to finally get back to telling these kinds of stories. There is just so much that needs to be told. From the actors and suitmation stunners to the directors and the special effects designers, all have contributed substantially to what we all know and love today. It’s just awesome covering their stories and how they felt when they first made their way through the movie industry. All forms of content to be had.

But as in all things, we have come to our usual conclusion of such blog posts out there. I hope you guys enjoy the stories that come from these people. There should be more in-depth looks into their stories as a whole and I’ll be happy to deliver that kind of content to these posts.

The stories presented here are usually meant to be used in an educational format though there are times I might have links here and there. Though this time, I don’t believe I will be doing so for this blog. Most of these have to do with the fact, that I have been delivering toho-related content on the website. There’s no need to be overflowing with repeated content after all. But if people are looking for links, Let me know in the comments down below and I will update everyone on social media of any updates to content that is involved. All content provided today was used from Wikipedia scores. And I hope to see you guys

Them movie review

I am sure everyone is well aware that last week’s content from blogging has gone missing, Well that’s mainly because I have come up with a new strategy that could propel my content while advertising my youtube channel at the same time. I’ll still blog content, just not as frequently as people are used to, It will only last a month depending on how the content plays out with this strategy. But this will play out as a review followed by a personal bio for the end of this month’s content and returning slowly back to the regular program we have all been trying to create. For now, the time for bugging out is over. Bring out your can of raid, bring in the eyeglass to set these critters to oblivion We are going for another ride as we fight against, THEM!

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Tarantula a new giant spider flick

Now, we are finally back into business with content as I present another movie review for everyone to enjoy today. Been sort of slacking off with content as a whole. But here we are, Delivering another massive review to your doorstep. So let’s get started with these creepy crawlies in Tarantula

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Pushing to better myself

This is just a concept that I wanted to do on this site to help improve who I am and this site as a whole. But there will be some entertainment value on this site involving Kaiju/Giant monsters. I will develop more things as I go here. I plan on developing more and more content. that is also going to include video content in the future. I know a lot of people from where I got my humble beginnings are starting to take things over to a video format. I also want to address the simple changes that happened with how things are. So without further ado, here are a few things about the site.

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Gamera vs Yimir

Two vs in a row? Who would have thought? Well, it’s true, the best works do come in pairs after all. So here we are, delivering another v series for everyone to jump on and enjoy. Bringing back some classic monster brawls for you, we come in with two classic titans of monster mash as we see, Gamera take on his challenger, This one happens to be an unusual one from a classic movie that will be reviewed one day on here. I introduce to you, Ymir, the space titan.

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King Kong vs a Beast

It’s been a long time since I did one of these on here, Once again, that is very criminal. Luckily things are getting back to 100% It’s been a long road filled with massive drama all over the place, I am very confident ha things will get back to normal when We work our hardest to make things work. There is a saying that I feel I have been neglecting a lot in recent events that I lost sight of why I made this site. I made this site to showcase the fandom and my opinions on where we are and deliver incredible reviews that dominate the world of Giant monster films. So let’s “rock and roll heffe. “Quoting a series that redeemed the 1998 remake of Godzilla Sit back and relax as King Kong fights the beast from 20,000 fathoms.

King Kong King of skull island

I could make a few comments on the old tv series with King Kong, I do feel sometimes that theme is overly used in everything related to Kong. So let’s briefly go over Why Kong is King, The biggest piece you will notice about Kong is the era it came from, I’m looking towards the thirties here, A era filled with adventure flix about exploration and finding things in the world that is larger than one’s self in this incredible world we live in.

All the action and thrill delivered an era of film that would eventually explode into popularity for almost ten years. It delivers with What defines a monster film and how they interact with the environment that’s around them. That’s what defines King Kong as an established monster, Though we often interpret monsters in a negative light, I am sure We all can agree, that monster in this context defines what it means for this content.

Still carrying the amazing size and strength that defines the character, Kong loves to perform as that larger-than-life performance that shaped the future of the movies. Adding bonuses from japan with the electricity, Kong is a massive force to be reckoned with delivering the most overpowering blows with the enemies that ensued devastation, from giant snakes to massive dinosaurs, Kong proves to everyone why he is the King of his island.

Now on to the weaknesses that Kong carries. While Kong is known as an oversize gorilla, He doesn’t carry the demeanor for being this size. I would argue that the size is the cause for the boldness of the creature that would eventually falter to man’s inventions off the empire state building. This would lead to the climax we are all too familiar with. The poor ape ends up falling to the machines of man in an attempt to escape the massive horror that is the man. In some ways, it’s poetic at the commentary of man’s struggle with nature and the eventual outcome that happens almost every time.

The beast from 20,000 fathoms

For those of you who might not know this creature, Let me explain a little about what this creature is.

The beast is a creature that was from the prehistoric age reawakened by the nuclear testing that resulted in a monster that would later devastate new york city. The monster’s size plays a major factor as with any other creature. However, the size isn’t the most threatening thought has to be the strange sickness where it devastates humans to death.

It is interesting to consider when looking into the creature’s past, there is a certain thing that draws us to this creature. The thing about this creature is it was a blueprint to the creature that we would later discover as Godzilla. There are a few weaknesses, But the biggest one that would affect the outcome of this fight has to do with something the monster can’t help. It acts like an animal.

It acts like an animal showing no real form of intelligence that would eventually be led into a trap. Humans are known for doing this and I could imagine Kong would have little trouble in coming up with a plan to trap the monster.

Where it takes place

I’m just going, to be honest here, This was a very easy decision to make, It may be the easier ever on classic giant monsters. Why do you ask? Well, a lot of it has to do with the setting where both films have taken place. It’s kind of a natural pick considering everyone loves New york city. Both movies had their stories told in the same place. Let’s just face it, there are many reasons why things are what they are. I love the entire concept of these movies taking place in one of the most populated areas in the united states aside from Las Vegas.

ultimate winner.

After looking through all the facts about these monsters, I concluded that Kong would be the eventual winner of this fight. For those of you who wouldn’t know much about Kong, let me sum this up, Kong is a strong ape, But he is also a very smart ape. Being able to craft tools give Kong an amazing edge over his enemies as Kong can use anything he can hold of as weapons.


Well, life goes on as we move on to another Era of monster films. Thank you all for this experience as we once again dive into many more classics deserving of the name on here. It’s been a long road to get this far. But we made it to another vs on this site. Thank you all once again for the support and I’ll see you in the next blog.

Content growth for classic giant monsters

This is going to be something a little different since it’s been a while since I did one of these. But this is going to be coving the plans I have for this website along with a couple of concept ideas I want to save for later, this would include my youtube videos. Granted there are a few things on my youtube that strays away from the type of content we usually encounter, I will always relate it to Kaiju/giant monster movies. Who knows, Might even do a live review for you guys. You never know. Plenty of ideas to use here. So let’s get started

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Shin Godzilla.

And here we are, back with another classic for the again with another classic, though lately, I wonder if you guys thought I was retired. Nope, just a lazy bum, But I am back and delivering you, one of my favorite movies of recent memory. This one however does take the titular monster we all know and love and takes it to a more “rooted” level of approach. In this, let us sit back as we take a deep dive into a movie that is SHIN GODZILLA. as usual, all pictures provided will have their respected owners listed below their content. And I am an amazon affiliate.


I can’t say this enough, the story gave me chills as to making Godzilla scary again. Between the first-person camera work at the opening of the film to the political side of Japan. (though I believe this was more of a comedic side of this movie it is very foreboding to understand.)Just a great execution of delivering the message while keeping people on the edge of your seat.

Between the special effects that go beyond certain expectations, to the cast delivering their roles flawlessly, Combine all this and you have yourself an amazing film to enjoy.

Noger Chen

Overall tone

It’s not often we discuss the overall tone of the movie but I do feel this is an important part of the movie that defines what makes this a new experience. There is an atmosphere that is very well focused on the idea of Godzilla being this horror character versus the previous incarnations except for the solo movies.

It goes to show off the darker side of what it means to be in a monster movie of this caliber, You deal with radiation, obviously is a massive concern even to this day with current events from the other side of the world. What this movie pushes for a message is how mistakes can always have dire consequences years down the road.

I guess you could give this movie as an example of what the Godzilla movies are all about. the dark side of human history that changed the way the world thought of itself and how far humans went with their lives. 

But enough of that rambling on this topic, let’s get into the final parts of this content everyone has been wanting to see.


Noger Chen

Creature design

Let me state this, TOHO seems to have somewhat of a fixation on eyes. They do say that the eyes are the windows of the soul, maybe things are as they say. Whatever the case may be, I say it does give more depth to the character as a whole. Let’s not forget, the very idea of the character is made to appeal to the horrors of the aftermath of nuclear fallout. 

I think it is pushed further by the sheer fact of the Fukushima tragedy back in 2016 with a nuclear meltdown that caused a radiation leak into the pacific ocean. even to this day, no one within four hours of the site would be willing to do business in that section because of the radiation scare. 

It dives back into the original roots of the first Godzilla, but with a more modern twist. As for the design itself, We get the “Underdevelop” horror aspect of the character in an infant stage hinting toward the possibility of this creature evolving to become even more deadly as time passes. Which does give the character more in-depth for the style shown in the film. 

from the minor stage of the monster looking like a guppy to becoming the almost “Zombie-like” creature, we see up to a certain point. 

My thoughts

This is the kind of movie I’ve always praised for its unique style of filming an already established character. Then to have enough sense to understand the deep meaning behind the said character and emphasis the importance makes this Godzilla one of the most unnerving characters TOHO has ever produced in recent memory.  


Noger Chen


As with everything that’s been going on, we come to a close with this chapter. Lots have been going on since the inception of Godzilla movies. from reincarnations making the monster more terrifying, to the lighter side of the creature that saved the world almost like a superhero in some ways.

regardless of where you stand, there is no doubt in my mind, that Godzilla has made a major impact on monster movies for a very long time. And it will continue to do so as we venture into the deeper reaches of age at 70 plus years old.  So let’s close off with a nice opening of us nearing the end of current Godzilla content. And as such, I’ll also be entering some of my youtube content down at the bottom of the content. Here on youtube, I talk about a lot of topics, From recipes,I use off and on to a few related contents of kaiju/monster movies.

Be sure to comment, subscribe and click the bell icon for more updates on my content provided on youtube. 


Shin Godzilla(Prime only)

my youtube

Godzilla 2014 movie review

I finally manage to get my lazy butt back into writing again. Could you imagine that? Anyways, I’m back in the flash to deliver a classic movie that should have been entered into the vault earlier this year. But as fate would have it, I never got around to reviewing this movie for some odd reason. But ow that I am here, I am going to finally present to you guys the movie long in the making with Godzilla 2014!!!!!!

Pictures on this content will have the names listed below their respective pictures used for this website.


The Story

There is not much to say about the story, I was as though they were trying to use multiple thoughts and ideas, placing a lot of emphasis on the environment around the characters vs the actual interactions. I am not one to bash a form of art when it comes to this kind of style, But I feel there was purposeful misdirection for the sake of the story vs the actual story.

Sure it follows the standard monster troupe with not revealing the monster and focusing on building tension, But The biggest problem with that particular trope is that you have to time the reveal almost perfectly. If you show off the monster too early, You manage to create an uneventful movie no one will remember well, whereas you take too long to reveal the monster, you lose the audience’s attention thus creating the same reaction.

To give a brief plot synopsis I think the movie relies too much on its comics for its selling point. example being an unknown organization is immediately revealed at the opening of the movie, Those, the movie plays out to project that we should already know what the organization is based on the camera angles. Though for a person who might have owned the comics, they might have a good idea. But for the casual movie fan, it hurt the potential lore building that the movie could have produced in the opening. Just a bad introducing start to the movie.



Character interactions

typically I don’t dive too deep into this kind of subject as all forms of artwork are subjective. But this concept, in particular, does raise a few questions on my part involving the movie.

this had to do with the certain decision that was made with the pacing of the movie as a whole. typically, Godzilla movies are the type of movies where the monster is the background and the characters make up the story itself. This is where the movie seems ambiguous in the direction of where the story pacing will take us. from an emotional scene about a father returning home from active duty in the army to a father seemingly trying to come to terms with a tragic past, the movie takes multiple approaches to the movie all at once.

Godzilla design choice

Well, one thing to say about this Godzilla design versus all the other versions out there. This one is a bit, “Chunky” I know what your thinking, “Did you just call Godzilla fat?!” The answer, Yes. I just called Godzilla fat. Just overall the sheer design was set up to look extremely bulky. I think what they were trying to go for is something that fits in with the sheer bulkiness of a possible living creature, “Aka, realism”

I’m not usually a fan of this kind of concept since it is a very similar concept to what Godzilla 1998 tried to incorporate with its movie. But I think a lot has to do with the aftermath of the story vs the actual design itself. That being the end game of the movie being so uneventful. But as far as this movie goes, it does the character justice as being the force of nature that we can all appreciate coming from a different studio other than TOHO for content. I still have a bit of grip here and there, “like animalizing the character” But at the end of the day, what it boils down to is generations, I grew up with TOHO’s Heisei movies that included the most graphic depictions of the monster ever before seen on screen.

Content updates

I’ve been doing a little soul searching online while I had my pause from writing and came across some interesting ideas to help expand my youtube and live streaming success. Mostly experimenting with new ideas to help grow me as a person while trying to be the best version of myself out there.

Between that and showing off the passion I have for these movies. I feel my idea might be the deciding factor that continues the movies I love for the next generation of moviegoers. I had always imagined that one day, some of my favorite movies will have viewers 100 years into the future with the help of my website and showing off the content that’s out there.

There will be some upgrades needed though before we can reach too far into this kind of content. But I’m very hopeful that once we have a few upgrades here and there, We are going to continue dominating the world of Giant monster movies. Anyways, this is kind of an updated piece to explain some of my absence on here without producing newer content here and there.

Though there will be still a few times where I am going to be just doing a few edits,(Yeah, Godzilla has a long history of movies that continue to grow,)I will eventually get back to our regularly scheduled program.


Well after a long-drawn-out edit to the site once again, we are finally back, though to be fair, not in the full swing of things considering. But I’m very hopeful that the future of this site will remain strong because of visitors like you. To sum up what I’m trying to say is, I appreciate those who come over to visit when I am here. I love the viewership you guys provide for me every time I enter this website. It’s always good to feel this type of attention feels good. So much so that classic giant monsters also carry with them on youtube.

Godzilla 2014